Esstiiet Oriandus – Introduction

Esstiiet cover


The collision of dimensions triggered The Last Great War, a war between Humans and Supernaturals.

In the end, the world was all but destroyed. There was no winner, only losers. Many, many millions of losers, both human and supernatural. For those who remained, they had to learn to live together.

From the ashes of the old world, arose a new, changed one. And from those same ashes rose also, the six guardians of the realms.

It is said the originals were summoned by the Gaia itself, to restore order and balance to the land and were manifestations of the six elements of earth, air, fire, water, wood and metal. They were human-like in form, superhuman in ability. These guardians lived amongst the people, protecting them and the earth. Once their life energies were at an end, the energy would turn to a new host – humans.

As with all stories of a time long past, the guardians fell into fireside stories and folklore. Anything good that occurred in the lands and to the people was thus attributed to the guardians. And, indeed, blame would be laid at the foot of the appropriate guardian for anything that went wrong. For that is how true legends are made.

This is the story of the Esstiiet Oriandus, Earth Guardian.


The first part of my story is available on Wattpad: Esstiiet Oriandus – Part 1


And is now also available on my blog, 1000 word essays: Esstiiet Oriandus – Part 1


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Thank you for reading!


Please note: None of the  writings, names, places, characters, etc, provided in my story, Esstiiet Oriandus, may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, except with the explicit permission in writing from myself, the author, Karen Payze.

Copyright © 150715 by Karen Payze

Short Story on Wattpad


Copyright © 080715 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 080715 by Karen Payze

I will be uploading my short story, in sections, onto Wattpad and onto my blog, 1000 words in the next few days.  Check out my profile  on Wattpad and give me a follow there. You can also follow my blog, 1000 words to get all the story updates.  Thanks!

Practice limbs and head – Dragon

I want to sketch a dragon, one that is earthy and solid. I have an idea in my head, I can picture the scene. I just need to practice a lot before I do it. So I’ve practiced doing a few limbs. I find feet (just like the human ones) very hard to get right. I like the last one best but instead of a flat foot I will lift it off the ground. I also like the crouching one but am undecided if I will use it. The front leg one has a problem foot as well so I will make some adjustments.


Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Front Leg         Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze


Rear Leg 1 Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Rear Leg 1                       Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze


Rear Leg 2  Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Rear Leg 2          Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze


Rear Leg 3 Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Rear Leg 3          Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze


I also practiced a few heads. The first two turned out rather shocking, as I described them to a friend,

“The first one looks kind of like a goat on steroids and the second like a deranged bird with a bad bite”.

So I will only post the third, which I rather like but I think looks more dinosaur than dragon and my daughter thinks it needs to look far meaner to be a dragon. So I am going to do another practice head, when I have the chance, with a more lizard-like appearance and see how that goes. Once the project is complete, I will post it onto here. In the meantime, here is my dinosaur-dragon head :)

Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 030715 by Karen Payze

Drawing with graphite pencils

This is the first time I’ve used graphite pencils. It smudges a lot but is quite nice to use. And, as expected, it’s all over my hands, face and everywhere in between. Was fun though 😊😊


Copyright © 270615 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 270615 by Karen Payze


Painting – Dragon mountain

I was in the mood to paint yesterday. It was so nice outside in the sun…bliss 😆 I took a few close up photos while I was painting as I love the detail of brushstrokes and layers of paint. Hope you like it.

Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze


Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze


Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze

Here is the finished painting:



Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 200615 by Karen Payze


Girl in Moonlight

I did so  much writing on my short story yesterday that I really needed a break today.  This is a sketch I’ve had in my head for a while but haven’t attempted until now as I find sketching people to be rather daunting.  Anyway, I finally decided I have to get it out of my head  and this is the result.  It is a graphics tablet sketch. It took me a while to do.  The hands and feet were difficult but it’s finally done!  And now I may actually have room for that poem swimming around my brain :)


Copyright © 120515 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 120515 by Karen Payze

Hope you like it :)


Copyright © 120515 by Karen Payze

Japanese Dragon – Graphics Tablet

I haven’t been able to concentrate today and, as you know, the best remedy for that (for me, at least), is to draw.  I love dragons and, for some reason they really have been stuck in my head lately.  I think it’s because one of my characters in my novel is a dragon and he is extremely demanding.  He wants me to finish my short story so I can carry on with the novel – and him, naturally.  But I can’t write if I can’t concentrate!

Anyway, I really love Japanese dragons.  I know they aren’t the winged type but there is something so beautiful and graceful about them.  I finally got the courage to draw one (I didn’t want to ruin the image I have of them!) and I’m actually really pleased with it!  Here is is:

Copyright © 010515 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 010515 by Karen Payze

Let me know what you think :)

The Grim

I updated a poem today, on my 1000 words blog by adding in a sketch I did on the graphics tablet.

grim1You can find the poem at

I like my poems with sketches so I think I might do the same for some of the others and perhaps for any future ones too.  Any sketches I do, I will upload onto here.

Hope you like it!

Copyright © 260415 by Karen Payze

Smaug charcoal drawing

I made this drawing after a twitter discussion about how much I love dragons but I totally forgot Smaug.  Anyway here is my version of him.  It is a charcoal drawing which is my first and a damn-side harder than I thought it would be!

Copyright © 130415 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 130415 by Karen Payze

Step off, dream

Last night I was bombarded with a whole host of weird dreams.  They weren’t nightmares, per say. Nor were they those surreal-what-the-hell-is-happening, am-I-going-to-die type dreams.  They were unsettling and strange.  And they woke me up – several times.

The first one I don’t even remember now but it woke me up enough to make me have to pee (which is the worst part of waking up in the middle of the night).  So several minutes later with a bruised knee and at least three stubbed toes I crawled back into bed.  For me, there is no such thing as going straight back to sleep.  I have a whole ritual before sleep is considered.  I must have a few sips of water from my bottle –  and if I wake up several times at night and have a few sips of water each time, I wind up having to refill the bottle.  And that means more bruised knees and stubbed toes, and perhaps even a broken elbow.  After the water ritual I have the lip balm ritual.  That involves fumbling in the dark for said lip balm, eventually pushing it on the floor, then having to get up and fumble on the floor in the dark for it.  And as anyone who has fumbled on the floor in the dark at night will know, that is the time for the icky things to make their appearance.  When I at last have found my lip balm and adequately lip balmed the lower half of my face, if nothing else has gone awry, I can settle down back to sleep – and that could take anything from two minutes to thirty, depending on my tiredness level.  The more tired I am, the harder it is to go back to sleep.

This getting back to sleep bit is, of course, made that much harder when I have weird, strange or scary dreams.  Needless to say, it probably took a good half hour to get back to sleep after that one last night.  Then, of course, came the next one.  This dream was hardly scary but did leave me with a knot in my stomach.  I was in an odd house that was more like an office block with lots of rooms which all had very large windows.  It was night and I was checking the windows before going to bed but every room I entered had large open windows, you know the ones you struggle to reach to close them.  I would eventually close it and move on to the next room.  Nothing too unusual, right?  The thing that got my pulse up was when I finally finished checking all the windows, I went back to the first room and the window was open again. Grrrr.

Well, after calling out silently a few times (as you do in dreams), I woke up – with a headache from hell.  It was so bad, it was threatening to turn into a full-blown migraine.  All I could do was lie motionless, staring up at the dark ceiling, wondering why I haven’t bought those stronger pain killers yet.  When I finally regained enough control of my body to be able to reach over to the drawer and remove two painkillers, my brain also jumped into action and I realised that the dream could have possibly been trying to tell me something.  You know, like break open my fucking skull, I am dying in here (symbolic opening of windows).  Or maybe I was just having a stupid dream.  Who knows.

So, after the going back to sleep ritual was performed for the second time in one night, and thankfully the painkillers set in, I went back to sleep (or more appropriately, passed out).  This time I had the hearing-footsteps-down-the-passage-and-into-my-room dream. Yeah, that was fun.  Third time awake.  Third going back to sleep ritual.

I am pleased to say that I slept through the rest of the night (despite having more odd dreams, but don’t ask what those were about) – and half the morning but I feel great now!  I have also since figured out that my headache from hell was probably a result of the two days of severe allergies I have had (apparently very high pollen and pollution levels – thanks a lot atmosphere).

So do you have weird and wonderful (or not) dreams?  Let me know all about them in the comments below!

Copyright © 110415 by Karen Payze


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