Smaug charcoal drawing

I made this drawing after a twitter discussion about how much I love dragons but I totally forgot Smaug.  Anyway here is my version of him.  It is a charcoal drawing which is my first and a damn-side harder than I thought it would be!

Copyright © 130415 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 130415 by Karen Payze



  1. Charcoal is NOT one of my favorite media to work with. Very difficult for me.

    • I have to agree. It just didn’t do what I wanted it to haha 🙂

  2. J.R.Barker

    I painted a dragon in acrylic for a friend of mine when I was smaller. It was a dragon from Terry Pratchett and I turned it into a photo frame, it turned out really well actually 🙂

    • J.R.Barker

      Although, charcoal, while I love to smudge it, is not the easiest thing to do fine drawings with.

      • I found it very difficult to use, it just doesn’t do lines and things how I imagined it should have 😊

        • J.R.Barker

          Did you use a stick or a pencil? I think it’s easier with a charcoal pencil

          • A pencil but I think because I’ve never used charcoal before, I expected it to work like a pencil plus I did a rough outline in pencil first not realising that charcoal doesn’t really like to go over pencil haha. It was difficult but you don’t learn unless you try 😊

            • J.R.Barker

              Indeed you don’t 🙂

              • 😉

    • That’s awesome 😊

  3. aladywrites4u

    I only do stick figures, this one looks quite nice to me.

    • Thank you very much 😊

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