Drawing with graphite pencils

This is the first time I’ve used graphite pencils. It smudges a lot but is quite nice to use. And, as expected, it’s all over my hands, face and everywhere in between. Was fun though 😊😊


Copyright Β© 270615 by Karen Payze

Copyright Β© 270615 by Karen Payze



  1. You just wanted an excuse for being dirty.

    Good pic though.

    • Ahahaha, yes always looking for an excuse for that 😝

    • And thank you x

  2. I meant to search the definition of graphite pencils, but didn’t (hectic day). In grade school, the trusty #2 was called a “lead pencil” here in the US, but the material was really graphite. Then I discovered art drawing pencils with various thickness, hardness, and value of blackness. Is this what you mean? The drawing looks to me like the results of my charcoal pencils–quite dense yet capable of fluid strokes. At any rate, nice picture!

    • Another friend who does art and has used them said they’re quite similar to charcoal pencils. I do have the charcoal pencils and yes I can see the similarities but I actually found these far easier to use. Although it looks black in the photo (they never come out right), it’s actually more of a grey, like a lead pencil but very different to how it draws in comparison to a pencil. They are fascinating tools πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed using them. And thank you so much XX

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