Life, death and everything in between


Copyright © 060915 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 060915 by Karen Payze


I love autumn. It is my favourite time of year, with the myriad of colours, fresh breeze and crunching of leaves underfoot. It is a time of change. And a lot of things always seem to change at this time of year, not just in nature but in life as well. With people entering and exiting my life,the end of what has been a very busy holiday period, a new start to a school year for my daughter, and new adventures for myself.


I have decided to publish some of my poetry, in between writing my story (which has been a bit delayed here and there with the visitors, as some may well know). I really want to publish some of the poems from my blog and have started looking into it. Unfortunately traditional publishers want poetry that has never been published before, which rules them out. My other options are to self publish onto Amazon or Smashwords. Or to go the Wattpad route, as I am doing with my story, to get my name out there a bit.  I am still a bit undecided which route to choose.  In the meantime, I am writing new poems. I am up to eleven now, which probably sounds pathetic to someone who considers themselves a true poet but I only write poetry when it comes to me, I cannot force it out. So I have to be patient. I want the poems to be good. If I force them I know they won’t be.  Because I want to be able to send them off for publishing, eventually, I will no longer be posting my poetry onto the blogs.


As part of the changes in my writing, I feel I need to be more organised. No more spending hours on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I will be starting a strict schedule of work, from Tuesday (that’s when the last of my visitors are off and I finally have my home back to me!) and will be limiting my time spent on social media. I hate those days when it’s over and I wonder what I actually did that day! I will still be sharing mine and others’ works on the #SundayBlogShare and #TuesdayShares on twitter and will do photo’s and quotes from mine and others’ stories on Instagram, within reason.


I am also in desperate need of change as far as fitness is concerned so will be starting a strict fitness routine that will fit into my schedule. Fitness is a real sticking point for me. I start things and never follow them through. I am hoping that by disciplining myself in my writing, I will become more disciplined in other aspects of my life.


I will, of course, make blog posts when I am able. I will continue to upload my short story to 1000 words so look out for it!


Finally, as the autumn leaves fall away, I hope some of the burdens in my heart, in my life, will as well and that this change of season will reflect a change and a settling of the spirit within me too.  There is always hope after a storm. Wish me luck!


Copyright © 060915 by Karen Payze


  1. Good luck

    • Thank you xx

  2. Luck and determination! Success will come.

    • Thank you my friend 💜


  1. Poetrilicious | 1000 words

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