Still writing

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on either of my blogs. Life catches you in it’s whirlpool sometimes and it can be hard to break free from what needs to be done in order to do what you want to do. I am still writing. I have recently updated my WIP, Esstiiet Oriandus on Wattpad:

So if you have not yet had a chance to read it, please follow the link and give it a go. As always, votes and comments are greatly appreciated.

I will be uploading this to my 1000 words blog in the next few days.

and I do regularly post things, mostly poems, on my instagram account:

Below is one of the more recent ones:


If I wrote you a line
To set free your soul
Know the song in your heart
Is a whisper of mine

Red thoughts
Of ripped rages
Dripping ink
On saturated pages

Soft the sound
Of gentle ways
Seeping through
Love struck maze

On and on
The quill does scrawl
Through the gaps
Of crumbling wall

So I’ll write you a line
And set you free
To roam wild words
That once were mine.


Copyright © 29032016


If you liked that, do give me a follow and check out the rest of my poetry on there as well as the two poetry compilations on my Wattpad.

I have also been sketching and painting. Below are some of my latest sketches.

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016


And this is my work in progress landscape painting. It is taking me forever as I am learning new techniques as I go along, via YouTube, on how to paint trees, bushes, rocks, banks, bodies of water. It’s been quite the learning curve, lots of redo’s, lots of used paint, but worth it in the end, I think. This is just a part of the whole 🙂


Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016



Hopefully my life will calm down enough for me get through my story in the next few months and complete a lot more challenges on instagram.

For now, here is a photo I took of my lovely spring daffodils, finally in full bloom, as the weather slowly, but surely, begins to thaw.

Copyright © 16042016

Copyright © 16042016


I will be reblogging this to my 1000 words blog so for those who follow both blogs, no you’re not seeing double 😀

Copyright © 15042016


  1. J.R.Barker

    You’re coming along with you artwork nicely, really like that eye.

    • Thank you very much 😊😊

  2. Great works! Always love your poetry and artworks! (Too bad for me I always happen to miss them in your instagram feed!)

    • Thank you 💜 It happens, there are so many things constantly published on there 😉


  1. Still writing — Drawing Room Days | 1000 words

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