Return to calm

For the last few weeks I have found my life has become rather frenetic, from having family visiting from overseas where I haven’t really had any time to myself Since the end of July (and this is an ongoing thing) to doing a lot of writing, with my story and now the poetry, and of course being very active on Social media, including Twitter, Instagram and my personal Facebook page. In between all this I actually have a really real life with a family and friends I need to take care of….oh yes and a home with homey stuff to do. I think something in me finally decided it  had enough and I spent most of last week in a teary-eyed, depressed slump. Okay, I still managed some poetry but the rest of me refused to do anything.

So I switched off.

I switched off from the writing, the poems, the social media and…well mainly the social media. And instead, I decided to do things, mainly cleaning (what’s wrong with me!!) and going out doing stuff. I also starting colouring in. One of my birthday presents was a colouring book for adults. Its Zen colouring and its meant to help you relax. And it’s perfect! I love this book so much. I have completed two of the drawings now.  I would definitely recommend these colouring books for those who enjoy colouring or drawing and are in need of some relaxation 🙂


2015-10-14 17.51.11


2015-10-14 17.52.08


2015-10-14 17.51.46


I will be back on normal running from tomorrow but less social media, more other stuff!


If you haven’t seen the excerpts from my latest poems, check them out on my 1000 words blog


Here is one of my latest poems:



I will also be uploading part 5 of my short story, Esstiiet Oriandus, to 1000 words tomorrow. If you haven’t read my short story yet, you can check it out on my blog. Find it here or check it out on Wattpad here. Part 5 is already on Wattpad, if you can’t wait!



Copyright ©141015 by Karen Payze


  1. J.R.Barker

    Hope you feel more zen soon.

    • Thank you, I’m very zen now 😁

  2. It’s always refreshing to take a well-earned break after writing lovely things like those last poems I read. And fortunately for those of us who never get any cleaning done any other way, those breaks contribute to our sense of accomplishment.

    • Aww thank you 😊😊😊

      Too right, I really do feel like I accomplished a lot these last couple of days and it really has helped me to become realigned within myself 😊

  3. agenda19892010

    Happy sun days by Rinaldo ☺

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