Step off, dream

Last night I was bombarded with a whole host of weird dreams.  They weren’t nightmares, per say. Nor were they those surreal-what-the-hell-is-happening, am-I-going-to-die type dreams.  They were unsettling and strange.  And they woke me up – several times.

The first one I don’t even remember now but it woke me up enough to make me have to pee (which is the worst part of waking up in the middle of the night).  So several minutes later with a bruised knee and at least three stubbed toes I crawled back into bed.  For me, there is no such thing as going straight back to sleep.  I have a whole ritual before sleep is considered.  I must have a few sips of water from my bottle –  and if I wake up several times at night and have a few sips of water each time, I wind up having to refill the bottle.  And that means more bruised knees and stubbed toes, and perhaps even a broken elbow.  After the water ritual I have the lip balm ritual.  That involves fumbling in the dark for said lip balm, eventually pushing it on the floor, then having to get up and fumble on the floor in the dark for it.  And as anyone who has fumbled on the floor in the dark at night will know, that is the time for the icky things to make their appearance.  When I at last have found my lip balm and adequately lip balmed the lower half of my face, if nothing else has gone awry, I can settle down back to sleep – and that could take anything from two minutes to thirty, depending on my tiredness level.  The more tired I am, the harder it is to go back to sleep.

This getting back to sleep bit is, of course, made that much harder when I have weird, strange or scary dreams.  Needless to say, it probably took a good half hour to get back to sleep after that one last night.  Then, of course, came the next one.  This dream was hardly scary but did leave me with a knot in my stomach.  I was in an odd house that was more like an office block with lots of rooms which all had very large windows.  It was night and I was checking the windows before going to bed but every room I entered had large open windows, you know the ones you struggle to reach to close them.  I would eventually close it and move on to the next room.  Nothing too unusual, right?  The thing that got my pulse up was when I finally finished checking all the windows, I went back to the first room and the window was open again. Grrrr.

Well, after calling out silently a few times (as you do in dreams), I woke up – with a headache from hell.  It was so bad, it was threatening to turn into a full-blown migraine.  All I could do was lie motionless, staring up at the dark ceiling, wondering why I haven’t bought those stronger pain killers yet.  When I finally regained enough control of my body to be able to reach over to the drawer and remove two painkillers, my brain also jumped into action and I realised that the dream could have possibly been trying to tell me something.  You know, like break open my fucking skull, I am dying in here (symbolic opening of windows).  Or maybe I was just having a stupid dream.  Who knows.

So, after the going back to sleep ritual was performed for the second time in one night, and thankfully the painkillers set in, I went back to sleep (or more appropriately, passed out).  This time I had the hearing-footsteps-down-the-passage-and-into-my-room dream. Yeah, that was fun.  Third time awake.  Third going back to sleep ritual.

I am pleased to say that I slept through the rest of the night (despite having more odd dreams, but don’t ask what those were about) – and half the morning but I feel great now!  I have also since figured out that my headache from hell was probably a result of the two days of severe allergies I have had (apparently very high pollen and pollution levels – thanks a lot atmosphere).

So do you have weird and wonderful (or not) dreams?  Let me know all about them in the comments below!

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  1. The weirdest dream I ever had came when I was in high school. Yeah, I still remember it! There was (vestiges remain) an old dirt road that led past our house, turned a corner, continued past the back of our house, and ended at an old house that later burned. That’s the true part. In the dream, I had walked down the dirt road toward the old house, and was chased back up the hill by a — wait for it–an alligator (or a crocodile, I didn’t wait around to determine which) that snapped close at my heels. You know how those being chased dreams go. I couldn’t lift my feet except with extreme effort, so running to my own house seemed to take a very long time. In the dream, I knew if I got to a certain spot which marked the end of a field and the beginning of our back yard, I’d be safe. I was ALMOST THERE when I woke up.

    • I hate running dreams, I would have been making my soundless scream!! The weirdest one I ever had was when I was about 9 (Yes I still remember it today!). I was playing in the back garden when a zeppelin came flying overhead. It was on fire and crashed into a field. How I even knew what a zeppelin was when I was 9, I have no idea! Aren’t out minds strange! haha 🙂

  2. I found it amusing that a good chunk of this post about your scary dream was dedicated to explaining your sleeping ritual.

    I haven’t had a dream for yonks, but I get sleep paralysis every so often. Damn freaky the first couple of times it happens – you quite literally can’t move after waking up. It lasts only a few moments, but it feels like a lifetime!

    • Yes, I am good at digressing ;p Good grief, I’m glad I don’t get that, I would certainly go into panic mode!!

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