The great glasses test

So, I got new glasses (or specs or whatever it is you want to call them) about a week ago.  Glasses? Yes, surprisingly I do actually wear glasses.  Have done for most of my life.  The reason some of you may not know that is because I hardly ever wear them in photo’s.

Here they are:

Copyright © 010315 by Karen Payze

Why am I staring into the sky???   Copyright © 010315 by Karen Payze

Awesome, right 😉

You’re probably wondering why I wrote this post.  No, it wasn’t to show off my fabulous new glasses.  Actually it’s one of those rant type posts but not to worry I promise I won’t launch into a tirade of obscenities, &#%!@?! and I promise I WON’T USE CAP LOCKS EITHER!!  My rant is about how easy it is to get suckered into buying things you either don’t want or don’t need.

The last time I was at an optometrist to buy new glasses was a whole whopping year and a bit ago.

Here they are (yes I sneakily kept them for emergencies – as you do when you’re a glasses hoarderCopyright © 010315)

Copyright © 020315 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 020315 by Karen Payze

So why did I have to replace them?  Two very good reasons.  The first being that the above glasses have got nose pads.  For me, they are without a doubt the most uncomfortable eye wear accessory to have ever been created.  And they leave lovely red dents in the bridge of my nose.  So my new glasses have plastic molded ones.  Much more comfortable.

But that wasn’t the real problem with them.  The real problem lay in the protective coatings that they had.  When I went to get these glasses, I opted for one of those big chain type optometrists (no names mentioned) whose eye tests and frames are cheaper – because I am a cheap skate.  They had a very good young salesman who convinced me that I need a protective hardening coating for the lenses as they are plastic lenses and could scratch easily.  And so, he had my full attention, he went in for the kill.  Needless to say that by the end of that I had lenses that were hardened, scratch resistant, anti glare, anti static and thinned, all fitting beautifully into my half frames with the annoying nose pads.

Well, as these things sometimes go, within a few months my glasses were showing their first signs of wear and tear.  A few scratches here and there.  Those became progressively worse as months went by until, eventually, i was unable to see out of the right lens.  When I finally decided to get my eyes checked – at a different, proper optometrist – the right eye had deteriorated (thankfully, only slightly though), probably as a result of straining to see through the lens.  Funnily enough, my left eye has improved slightly.

So this time, I got the non-hardened, non- scratch resistant, non-anti glare, non-anti static non thinned lenses with solid non-annoying nose pad frames 🙂  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll report back in a years’ time (if I remember).


And, of course the lesson here is, don’t get suckered into buying shit you don’t need because the mild-mannered person facing you says you need it…LESSON LEARNED!


Copyright © 020315 by Karen Payze


PS:  Look out for my next blog – I’m doing a drawing, now that I can see again 😛 and I may even do a short story to go with it!




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