1000 words update

Copyright © 040514 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 040514 by Karen Payze


A quick post to remind everyone that I have another blog now called 1000 words.  I post short stories, poetry and the like.

My posts so far are as follows:


  1. Me and my writing journey

  2. Black cat crossing – Short Story: Fiction

  3. Lost Love Returned


  5. Nightmare

  6. Beyond Our Land

  7. Do You Hear Me?

  8. Muggs and Beany

  9. Poetry Challenge – Loop Poetry

  10. VIPER

  11. Ruby’s Red Riding Boots

  12. The Illusion

  13. Writing worksheets

  14. Wishes

  15. Fortunate me

  16. Angelica

  17. Slow Down Little One

  18. Gotcha!

  19. I see you

  20. Uniformity


Sound interesting?  then what are you waiting for?  Head over to 1000 words and check them out!


Please note all my work (both writing and drawings) is copyrighted.  If you wish to use it, send me an email or comment in the comments.  thanks.


Copyright © 040514 by Karen Payze


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  1. I’ve read most or all of these and loved every one! It’s a lovely companion site, and your story endings always leave me satisfied. I get the notices for those in my other email, but try never to miss a posting.

    • Thank you very much 🙂 have lost my mojo a bit, but working on kicking myself into action again!

      • I know the feeling. I lost my painting mojo for a number of years, but yesterday showed about 30 really old and varied works at a local fair, and getting them ready really whetted my appetite to paint again. I just have to clear enough space for a permanent work area, and probably buy fresh paints since mine have seen better days.

        • Yes it’s just to get up and get going again. Once I start, I normally have a pretty good run before slowing down and stagnating again. Its a pattern with me im afraid. Would be nice to break it. Maybe I can this time. Good luck with the painting, I would love to see some 🙂

          • If you’re on Facebook, you can search my RLB Hartmann page and look at some Mexican scenes in one of the photo albums; I think there are more in my social page under Rlb Hartmann. You can probably distinguish the images that I didn’t paint from the ones I did.
            Yes, the capitals make a big difference in what you see. My profile images on LInkedIn and Google+ are from my paintings, and both those also show up on YouTube with my Mexican saga videos (I recently added info on my YT channel, under my name, but don’t ask me to remember which LOL!).

            • Thanks, I’ll have a look x

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