Face drawing

Another quick drawing one.  I had to give the drawing a break for a while as I have a tendency to hold my pencil too tight anyway and with the graphics tablet pen, I hold on even tighter, resulting in one injured finger.  But I am back to doing it and have done another face sketch.  I am far happier with the nose on this one.  And actually all the features appear to be quite in the right place!

Here it is:

girl face1 Just got to work on the hair a bit more now 🙂

Copyright © 110314 by Karen Payze



  1. Hi Karen! I love your drawing! It’s been a while since I have used my hand to draw a portrait. But I haven’t tried using a graphic tablet pen yet. Is seems harder than using a pencil! haha 🙂

    • Thank you! I am very new to the graphics tablet drawing and I do find it quite difficult. A pencil is far easier but I think its one of those things you have to get used to. If you have ever been on the deviantart site, you will see what people can really do with graphic tablets – I don’t imagine I’d ever get to their level! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Do you believe in the saying practice makes perfect? I think you can do it or even way better than deviantart drawings. Since being an artist is within, no matter what media you’re using. I probably want to try using it also and show it to you next time 🙂 Thanks

        • Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the encouragement x

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