Bathtime Fun

Kindles…do we really need them?  For a long time I didn’t want one because I always thought that having my hands round a chunky book, burying my face into pine-scented pages and watching the words jump off the page and form people, places and things was more exciting than sitting down with a tablet in one hand and clicking a button on the side with the other hand to turn the page.  Well, that is what I thought – until I got a kindle.  No, it isn’t the latest one but it’s perfectly good at displaying a multitude of fantastical writings on a ‘page’ AND I still am able to conjure images from the printed text.  I would like to say I had to get a Kindle as a result of the changing face of the literary world.  But I didn’t because libraries do still exist in their current form.  I wanted to get one because over time I have come to realise how exceptionally convenient the are to have.

Wonderful things, are the Kindles.  They can easily slip into a bag and can be taken with you to wherever it is you are going.  I would think such a handy device would come into its own in such dreary places as the dentist or hairdresser where, with the flick of a switch, you are transported to the stars or on a steam train or running with the wolves.  How time would fly then!  It would be equally useful, of course, – and has been observed by many to be so – on a train, bus or plane journey (although I am not certain about the latter:  they often tell people to switch off all electronic devices) as long as you avoid reading a disaster book as that could cause endless problems for you and indeed your fellow passengers.

As I said previously, it was my birthday and with that comes the mountain of family phone calls and birthday wishes  (doubly so in our household as my daughter and I share a birthday).  It was after chatting to my lovely sister-in-law that a strange thought came to mind.  It was from a remnant of our earlier conversation when we were talking about the Kindle.  My sister-in-law was telling me all about how wonderful the Kindle is, how easy to use and ever so convenient.  Unless you were having a bath that is.  It saddened her that she could read her Kindle wherever she was, except for the bath – and she loves having a long, unwinding bubble bath.  Her answer to her dilemma was to place a magazine rack in the bathroom – within stretching distance of the tub, of course, and fill it with her magazines.  So she was able to read her favourite gossip mags and still have a relaxing bath.

Now, as many of you already know, I also enjoy a relaxing bath (check here for more details of that).  It’s great to unwind and I do find a lot of my inspiration comes during of after a good hot bubble bath.  And I have even, on occasion, kept my writing book close at hand in case I became so inspired that I had to write a brilliant piece that instant.  But I have never actually read in the bath.  I have never even considered reading in the bath.  However, having heard about my sister-in-law braving that most horrid of things – soggy pages – I considered that it may actually be nice to read in the bath.  After all, if reading helps to unwind, relax, de-stress and inspire and bathing helps to unwind, relax, de-stress and inspire, then they are a perfect match and would do great wonders for the body and soul!

So I wondered why you cannot get waterproof Kindles.  After all, it makes real sense to have them.  People take them every where.  /no only that people often eat and drink whilst reading.  Can you imagine a cup of hot coffee going all over a kindle?  Or even worse, hot chocolate and floaty, melty, STICKY marshmallows? What a disaster that would be.  As someone who has never owned a Kindle before, I would have no idea how I would actually feel but I did one knock my mobile phone off the arm of the sofa (clumsy elbow) and it happened to splash straight into a glass of water – like the circus people who jump off a high ladder and land in a small bowl of water (okay I think that’s only in cartoons but I think you get what I’m saying).  And I would like to say I was devastated but I was actually furious that my luck would lead the phone straight down that particular path.

Back to the Kindle.  I did think this was a great idea and started to Google it straight away.  Lo and behold – there it was, staring straight at me, unblinking. It’s actually a company called Waterfi that waterproof items.  And the Kindle is one of them.  Unbelievable?  Yes, I thought so too, until I watched this video:

And I think it’s a brilliant idea.  And now we can read in the bath, without soggy pages and without destroying our Kindles!

Do you read in the bath?  What would you read in the bath – magazines, an engrossing book, non-fiction?  I know what I would read: a novel from my favourite author of all time –  Jane Austen.  And If I had to say a specific book, well it would have to Pride and Prejudice of course.  Now that would be bath time fun 😛

Copyright ©011013 by Karen Payze

Copyright ©011013 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 300913 by Karen Payze


  1. Kindles are brill! I’ve had one for two or three years now and initially had the keyboard one that you’ve got there, but now have a keyboardless one. I don’t see the point in splashing out extra for the fancy touchscreen ones.

    I don’t read in the bath, mainly because baths annoy me. I prefer showers and on the odd occasion I do have a bath, I don’t spend any more time in it than I would spend in a shower.

    Just out of interest, what sort of books do you like? I can email you one of my books if you want…! I’ve got some thrillers, some short stories, a story about a teenage boy, and my most recent one is set in the Warsaw Ghetto.

    • How can you not like baths-I mean, come on, bubbles bubbles bubbles 😛 I would love to read them all, so you choose and ill happily accept them 😀 and thanks xx

      • I just get bored sitting there in a bath and end up trying to eat the bubbles.

        Shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a book or two back…!

        • Haha, I also eat the bubbles 😉 will send an email now 🙂

  2. I don’t have a Kindle, but I plan to have one. However, I still like ro read “real” books, and those books in my shelves are my treasures that I can lovingly look at and touch, and hopefully reread, just like those thousand year old books that have stood the test of time.

    • Oh yes, can’t do away with the real ones! I recently acquired 11 terry pratchett discworld novels, some quite old and well used and am delighted with them 😉

  3. Oooh great idea… I read everything on the Kindle App on my iphone – and have sadly been known to drop that in the toilet (yes, really) so I think I need to check out your waterproofing site!

    • Oh no! well it seems they do waterproof just about everything so check it out, they probably do phone as well 😀

      • It was a pretty dark time… My iPhone and I are pretty inseparable…

  4. And all this time I’ve used a ziplock baggie. Foolish me. *trying to hide my giggle behind my hand* Excuse me.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    • Does that work? I think I’d be a bit nervous 😉 so you’re a bathtime reader then?

      • Oh, Yeahhhhhhh.

        Being doing this for a while. Don’t use the cover, skin or case, squeeze out all the air, and make sure the seal is complete. If you’re worried use a freezer bag with a double closure, or color code.

        I’ve never had a problem.

        • Wow, you’re brave. I might try that when I have more courage haha!

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