Boredom Busters

It’s the Summer holidays and a six-week break.  Great for kids and parents, right?  Well it certainly is for the first week, especially if you’re lucky enough to go away for a few days but what happens afterwards, when boredom sets in.  Now I cannot really comment on people who have more than one child as I do not but in my imaginings I would say it must be that little bit easier as siblings tend to occupy each other a lot more (well that’s what happened with my sister and myself) and when I was young, I had the freedom of running around with the neighbourhood kids or riding my bicycle –on my own – around the local neighbourhood.  Sadly those days are now gone.  So no ‘gangs’ of kids to play with and, in my daughter’s case, no sibling either.  And with one child, you are the one doing the occupying.  And even though I have a great imagination 😉 I still run out of ideas, especially with a child who would happily sit on the computer, if I let her, which I don’t, so instead I get:

Mummy play with me

Mummy I’m bored

Mummy what can I do

Mummy can I go on the computer

Mummy play with me

Well, I think you get the idea.  Those are how my ‘holidays’ run.  I am, of course, always open to new ideas so when I saw the Sainsbury’s Boredom Busting Ideas ‘recommended’ page on Facebook I clicked on to see how I could bust my child’s holiday blues.  Here are the ideas:

  1. Make a bird bistro – good idea for us as it’s relatively small, you can do it outside and we love our birds so this one gets a Ok-icon
  2. French cricket:  No, my garden is not big enough for that and I cannot do it in the park as I don’t have any cricket equipment anyway so for this one a Close-2-icon
  3. Monsters in the house:  My daughter would laugh at me – she’s too old for this one so a Close-2-icon
  4. The art of pasta:  Yes, she loves crafting things so this will be a Ok-icon
  5. Tag reinvented:  My daughter loves tag so she would love this, provided it’s at a park.  Tag in the house usually ends in some kind of disaster so it’s a provisional Ok-icon
  6. Windowsill friends: A good idea but has it’s downside:  it’s messy and things like these usually get forgotten after the first day or two which means I will have a load of messy, gungy, smelly egg shells with death plants protruding from their empty heads.  I think I’ll give this one a pass Close-2-icon
  7. Nature log book:  Now this one is a fantastic idea for my daughter.  She loves anything nature so a massive Ok-icon
  8. Gisbee:  This is a mis between golf and frisbee.  Didn’t look into it as it sounds like an accident waiting to happen so this one’s aClose-2-icon
  9. Brilliant beach days: yes, of course.  Which kid doesn’t like the beach?  Provided you can get there, oh and the conditions are suitable (ie: not cold, windy or rainy or all three together 🙂 ).  So I would say yes to an occasional beach day Ok-icon
  10. Great days out:  obviously only good if you’re actually going out so not really useful for boredom busters AT HOME!!  I’ll give it a reluctant yes as I am mostly at home in the holidays Ok-icon
  11. Garden water park:  This is a lot of fun.  We used to do it as kids.  But you do need a big enough garden.  So for us it’s a Close-2-icon
  12. Go crabbing:  Fun for some.  My daughter actually wants to go fishing at some point, provided she can put the fish back after she caught it.  But crabs…I think she would prefer to look at them through a glass container.  So, I’ll give it a yes but for fish Ok-icon

So that’s twelve of Sainsbury’s ideas.  there are plenty more on their site, which you can find at:

There are some really great ideas.  I also found this book:

2013-08-01 23.23.18

365 Rainy Day Activities which can come in handy.   Although I must say that this particular book requires a lot of base materials for crafting.  Still, I am certain that books like these could be found at your local library and they are always handy for crafty types!  Speaking of local libraries, the library is often an overlooked place to beat ones’ boredom.  Not only can my daughter choose new books to read and find activity books to create things but the library often has holiday activities.   My library usually has some kind of holiday activity for kids of all ages.  Also, the local village halls often have holiday activities as do local leisure centres (although leisure centre holiday activities can be rather costly).

Do you have any holiday Boredom Busting ideas?  I would love to know what they are!  Let me know in the comments below and if you’re enjoying a holiday break, then I hope it’s a good one 😀

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  1. Crabbing is actually far easier to do than fishing and surprisingly fun! Them crabs love cheese.

    I remember years ago going round someone’s house and they had a massive garden/farm thing. A slope, some corrugated plastic, and a plastic sledge was fun for all involved.

    Also, French cricket is fine with just a stick/wooden spoon/lead pipe/snapped off table leg. You could even wear something on your head as a makeshift beret.

    • Sounds good! Will have to hope for decent weather x

  2. When I said I was bored as a child my mother gave me a huge list of chores to do. For some reason I stopped complaining. Just saying. 🙂

    • haha, yes! My daughter has her list of chores too 😀

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