I am feeling most loved!


A quick post to say thank you to the lovely Emaginette  for nominating me for the Liebster Award and I am proud to accept it x

As I am super lazy, I thought I would answer the questions she asked and then ask that my nominee’s answer the same ones (a BIG credit to Em for thinking up some fantastic questions 🙂 )


  • If you could be a movie star which one would you be?

Kiera Knightley – she’s gorgeous, and a brave actress, taking on some very unconventional roles!

Source: free to use wallpapers

Source: free to use wallpapers

  • What is the first thing you remember as a child?

Climbing over the wall to my neighbour’s  to fuss their neglected dog.

  • Do you paint your toenails? What color?

Yes regularly.  Whatever colour I fancy at the time.  At the moment they are red

Copyright © 180713 by Karen Payze

  • What is your favorite saying?

For goodness sake; really?

  • If you could write with any color of ink, what color would it be?

Blue – I’m so boring haha!

  • When you go out for fun, where and what do you do?

Go out for fun…what’s that hahahahahahahahahaha!  Actually we usually go to a park or some such place that is suitable for kiddies 🙂

  • If someone put a small box in front of you, what would be in it?

Probably my glasses as I am always misplacing them, even though they are on my face 90% of the time!!  Unless it’s a really tiny box, then hopefully something valuable 😀

  • Which would you prefer ice cream or wading in a mountain stream?

Wading in a mountain stream – and I have actually done this, in the Berg and I would certainly recommend it to anyone, it’s a wonderful feeling!


Copyright © 180713 by Karen Payze

  • When you finish work, what do you do first?


  • If you wrote a fairytale about a princess saving a prince, what would it be called?

Princess wars

  • Blow out the imaginary candles on this cake and tell me, what did you wish for?

Ooh, can’t tell because then it wouldn’t come true 😀



And here are my nominees:

  1. A is for Amuseless

  2. Restawyle

  3. Digitalhegemon

  4. Man of Yesterday

  5. Letters Barely Sent

  6. Poems & People

  7. Joseasanoj

  8. lvsrao

  9. clivechip

  10. Opinionated Man

  11. cobbies69

Thanks again to Emaginette and to all those whose wonderful blogs I have discovered, I really enjoy reading the wide variety of musings 🙂

I just realised I nominated cobbies twice (Restawyle is Cobbies 69) – I must really love your blog, I’m not going to change my post, so there you go x

Copyright © 180713 by Karen Payze


  1. That’s cos you ARE most loved.

    Awesome tootsies by the way.

    • Thank you, you are most sweet xx

  2. Thank you for the nice mention. I really like your blog layout btw, very passive and easy colors on the eyes!

    • You’re welcome, and thanks – I wanted it to reflect what I would think a drawing room would be, and I guess I got it right 😉

  3. Ah to meet the real you was fun. Great post. 🙂

  4. Thank you Karen, you have made my day with such a humbling gift.

    • You’re welcome x

  5. This is a great surprise ,Karen please bear with me, I will respond in due time,,,, thank you very much for the thought an honour…. 😉

    • You’re very welcome x

  6. Thank you so much for the nomination!

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  7. Well deserved – congrats.

    • Thanks 🙂

  8. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! Whoop! & Congratulations! Now I’m off to click on your nominee links.

    • 🙂 thanks

  9. Congratulations!!


  1. Award from Karen. « Restawyle

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