Looking forward

Copyright © 240613 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 240613 by Karen Payze

I know I have made many posts about writing and goals and this is another of those 🙂  I have never been one to look too far into the future.  My goals are normally relatively short term goals and any long term ones are so generalised that if you had to look at them, they would be nothing more than a blur 🙂  But I think it’s true what they say, the older you get, the faster time ticks on.  I realised that today.  Going through all the blogs that I follow, I noticed that I have not read through or commented on any blogs in ages but if the WordPress evidence was not staring me in the face, I would totally deny it because it certainly does not feel that way to me.   So thank you to all those bloggers out there who take the time to write wonderful things and also take the time to read my posts!

I must stop for a minute and think just how quickly time has gone.  My daughter is nearly finished yet another year of school and, as long as this very long and tiring term has been, it has actually gone past remarkably fast.  This is actually the busiest time of the school year, with class outings and class plays, school sports days and open days, meet the teacher (the new one for next year) and of course, the summer fair to come, I know I am going to be rushed off my feet.   The holiday will certainly be a welcome relief.  When days are so busy, they tend to run past you before you have a chance to think and so, in four and a half week’s time, another school year will be done.

I think to myself, what have I achieved so far this year?  Well, I do have my writing blog (1000 words, if you haven’t checked it out yet) and of course I still have this blog – which I must congratulate myself on as many of the blogs I have come across since the start of my blogging journey no longer exist.  A blog is like a baby.  It needs constant attention and nurturing or it will fade away.  When I first started my blog, I found nurturing it relatively easy to do and made many posts.  This year the mechanism has slowed right down, despite making a writing blog to use as nourishment for my creativity.  But I will battle through this word drought and dig my way out to the other side.  I think I may need some help, though.

Perhaps I should start with a much clearer vision of my future.  And I do think I have tentatively stepped forward in that regard.  Only the other day someone I knew said they were looking forward to reading my blog.  When they said this, I gulped hard and then thought to myself: well I do intend to be a writer and as a writer I will not be able to hide.  People I know must now know that I write if my vision as a writer is to become reality.  And perhaps if I can finally say that out loud without going too red-faced, I may actually fulfill that goal.

With days running past so fast, there is no time to lose.  I need to get myself into gear and get this writing done!  So my short term goal is to write two thousand words of my story a week (at a minimum).  Some may say that’s a ridiculously slow pace but I think it’s a good pace when you live a life of five days in one.  Yes, that is how fast my weeks fly by.  And with this short term goal in place, my intermediate goal is to complete my novel within a year.  Now my calculations for  my short term goal are worked out as follows:

2000 words a week x 26 weeks (give or take)

= 52 000 words at the end of this year

and another 26 weeks x 2000 words for next year = 52 000 words +52 000

=104 000 words by the end of June next year.

Not a bad length for a novel. And not a bad length of time to complete one.

And, of course, my long term goal, would then be to get myself established as an author.  And that would start with, of course, getting my novel published, then another and another and another….

I actually feel a lot more motivated now that I have accepted in myself that I am a writer.  It isn’t a dream.  It isn’t a part-time hobby.  This is what I want to do.  This is who I am.

Copyright © 240613 by Karen Payze



  1. A great, liberating feeling, isn’t it? To know in your heart that you truly are a writer, and to act on that knowledge. Now that most of my writing goals have been accomplished, I am setting myself the goal of returning to my painting. Your post today reminded me of how long I’ve been working back toward that goal, and inspires me to grasp those days before they can all disappear into the past.

    • It is liberating 🙂 and even though I have made the writing blog and taken steps towards becoming a ‘proper’ writer, it was only when the person mentioned my writing to me did I stop and really think about whether or not I consider myself a writer. It’s a great feeling to be able to say, yes I am a writer!

      Good luck with achieving your goals and getting back to painting, time certainly does go past very quickly!

  2. “Great Post!

    Guess who just got nominated for The Liebster Award. Well, if you said you, then you’re right. Drop by Shout With Emaginette to find out more.

    • Thank you very much much xx

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