I spy

If you have been watching the news (in the UK anyway) you would immediately know what it is I am referring to – the latest US government spying scandal.  Now I have heard a lot over the years about the government spying on people – you know:  Big Brother is watching you…and so when the news about ‘PRISM’ broke, I wasn’t really surprised and I am quite certain lots of people living in the UK would have, as I did, watched the news, read the papers or listened to the radio at the breaking news.  And then they would have, as I did, carried on with their lives!

Of course, there were plenty of shouts coming from members of parliament and Human rights groups.  After all, what right does the government have to snoop through our personal emails, listening to our conversations and read our FACEBOOK UPDATES!!!  Personally I couldn’t care less what personal stuff the government is reading of mine.  But I decided that I would go through my life (in emails, statuses and updates) to see what it is that they would see, and this is what I came up with:

Secret Dossier of Karen Payze

  1. Karen gets a lot of crappy spam telling her to take Viagra, meet sexy ladies and get a loan.
  2. Karen gets plenty of emails for cheap holidays, cheap clothes, cheap services.
  3. Karen gets a load of digest emails through WordPress.
  4. Karen gets a few rude jokes (that are FW, FW FW, or FW FW FW type jokes).
  5. Karen’s entire Facebook consists of pictures of cats, bad day jokes, inspirational quotes, and games.
  6. Karen hardly ever makes Facebook status updates.
  7. Karen’s entire Twitter account consists of WordPress blog posts and she sometimes chats to random people and, even more seldom, other random people favourite her ramblings.
  8. Karen’s Google searches are mostly related to looking for a place to visit, a place to shop or a place to eat.

Quite frankly if the government want to use that, they are more than welcome to.  So, why so many objections to it then?

Arguments against the program:

  1. It infringes on Human Rights (specifically the right to privacy).
  2. It could be breaking the law (although here I have to say that Mr Cameron said that he is satisfied they are not).
  3. Could be used as leverage to blackmail people.*

Arguments for the program:

  1. Help combat crime, specifically Terrorism.
  2. Help worm out corruption.
  3. Help break up extremist groups. *

*Please note:  there could be more arguments for or against the spy program but I can’t be arsed to find them.  You are welcome to add your suggestions to the comments below 🙂

As I said earlier, it does not really affect me, although I have read some pretty heated arguments for and against with one man SHOUTING that people who do not care about their own privacy should think about why they have curtains up in their house…and another asking why the people who didn’t food for thought I suppose 🙂  But I suppose if someone were to spy on me though my curtains, all they would be likely to see is me on my laptop 😀 whereas if they were to spy through the window on, say, that 50 shades lady, they might end up with a very different outlook on life by the following morning!

Of course, the whole spying thing could be a problem for certain people who have a few skeletons in their closets, for example:

  1. Some politicians – here I am thinking on the lines of lobbying scandals, payoffs, affairs, etc.
  2. Some celebrities – Drug deals gone bad kind of stuff (although, to be fair, the undercover journalists are probably better at exposing these than the I spy Agency), Affairs and breakups (although how that would interest anyone other than Gossip magazines, I don’t know) and Scientology (hehe).
  3. Some conspiracy theorists – because you never really know, do you????

So what do you think?  Does it bother you?  Do you have anything to hide….Let me know below!

Copyright © 100613 by Karen Payze



  1. I made a post about this and I thought MI5 might come and pick me up for what I mentioned but so far the door is still in one piece 🙂

    Facebook a total waste of time.
    Twitter for my posts only.
    Same spam as you.
    It does bother me , they should take down all these bloody Muslim sites that shows how to make bombs etc.
    Plenty to hide but we’ll not go into that, maybe MI5 will 🙂

    Come back to poets corner we miss you 🙂

    • Haha better be careful Harry 😀

      Will be back soon, sorry been so busy lately haven’t had much time to think never mind write xx

      Oh and I agree with you re. the bomb-making sites…

      • I would love all your jokes you get sent, you should have my email address.

        • Will send them 🙂

  2. We watched a few seasons (yes, not episodes, but seasons) of MI5 and I was never completely sure who the bad guys were (are). On an actual global scale, it’s somewhat easier. As for my public image, everything I post is set to “public” everywhere. So I have to stand by everything I post or share or link to. My 2 IPs see to it that I never get those spammy things anymore, and occasionally must fish something non-spam out of the folder which obligingly holds them until I have time to check.

    • You’re lucky, I get about 20 spam messages a day – it starts getting a bit ridiculous. they also go to my spam folder, although occasionally, one will sneak through 🙂

  3. Spying has been going on since the dawn of mankind, and it’s not going away. I have always found it interesting, though, when friends spy on friends, but then when those friends turn out not to be so friend, well, I guess spying on friends does have a purpose. Unfortunately, the mere act of spying would seem to indicate that one is not so friendly. Oh, it’s all so confusing……………..

    • Indeed, it will always be around 🙂 I think that friends who spy on friends just so they can say something bad about them are not real friends at all…I try to avoid people like that, not good for my kind nature 😀

      • Isn’t that called “gossip”? I remember the Catholic Church when I was growing up. After service ended, everyone would gather in the parking lot, separate into their cliques, and gossip.

        • haha, yes, same at our church 🙂

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