Posture evolution

Copyright © 150513 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 150513 by Karen Payze

I have always had horrid posture.  As a teenager I used to slouch so badly that I probably looked a bit like Cave Man with knuckles dragging along the ground.  It was only after school that I started straightening up and forcing  my shoulders back and stomach in.  Now I do have what is often called a hollow back.  So standing side on, my back curves in from bottom to neck and leads on to curved shoulders.  Now mine really isn’t too bad, not even really noticeable but apparently can get worse without posture correction.  To this day, I still make a conscious effort to walk with my shoulders straight but I am starting to wonder if this is having some other detrimental effect on my overall posture.

I know I have always walked quite heavily on my feet but in recent years, it seems to have got a lot worse – actually I could most probably do a walking race (you know:  heel-toe-heel-toe, etc, etc) because that’s my normal walk – and no, I don’t wriggle like I see them do on the tv 🙂  To make my point, below is a pair of shoes that I wore every day.  I only bought them a few months ago.  Check out that wear!


A few days ago, I decided to buy a Wii fit.  I know, I am always looking for some way to get into shape.  If you have read some of my previous posts, you would know that I have tried Xbox (although that was more for fun than fitness)and more recently Zumba, which I have to say I really enjoyed but doing something like fitness exercise all on your own is hard.  It is far easier for me to say that I will do it tomorrow because I have no one telling me that I need to keep at it!   I was looking for something more.  So far, the Wii fit has that something more.  Your own ‘personal trainer‘ who talks to you and encourages you.  And I think I really do need something like that.  But the most important thing that the Wii fit has helped me to discover so far is just how bad my posture really is.  I know I walk more heavily on my left foot than the right.  As you can see in the above picture the top shoe, the more worn one, is also the left one.  And, as said previously, I walk heavily on my heels. What the Wii has taught me is that my balance is so bad, that it’s a wonder I don’t spend a lot more time on the floor on my face!!  My center of gravity is to the back and off to the left.  Now, in order for me to correct that, I have to put more weight on the balls of my feet to distribute the weight in my feet evenly.  And that DOES make me feel like I am going to fall over.  Further more, my ‘personal trainer’ keeps telling me not to stick my bum out – and the only way to stop myself doing that is to stand up straight.

But it’s hard to stand up straight, pull your butt in, push your shoulder blades together and walk on the entirety of both feet, whilst remaining relaxed and trying not to look like a duck doing a catwalk march!  I know I absolutely have to correct my posture as the older I get, the more inflexible I will become, the more rounded my shoulders will be and the more I will start to look like that Neanderthal of my youth!  Which is where the Wii is  its most helpful.  It has wonderful yoga exercises to stretch the spine, straighten the back and balance one out.  But my ‘personal trainer’ feels I need more than that.  I need to strengthen my lower body (legs and abs in particular) because without the lower body strength I cannot do half the yoga exercises that require balance because I am not strong enough to keep myself up.  So I have been doing some strengthening exercises.  I have also done a few other exercises like hula hooping (good for balance) and jogging and stepping (good for strengthening and getting into shape).  Lastly the Wii fit also offers some fun stuff to help with restoring one’s balance.

Now I know I am still rubbish and it is going to take a while to get myself right but I do know that I don’t want to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in ten years’ time and so now I am doing something about it – it’s a far greater incentive than just trying to get fit, which is probably why my other attempts have failed.  The reason I am doing this is to improve my posture – and if it happens to have the added benefit of getting me back into shape then that’s fantastic!  Hold thumbs for me that this one does the trick 😉

Copyright © 150513 by Karen Payze

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  1. Exercise is good but you should do some weights as well. Bad posture can be down to weak back and shoulder muscles.

    • Yes, my ‘personal trainer’ keeps telling me I need to strengthen my lower body x

  2. You said “I used to slouch so badly that I probably looked a bit like Cave Man with knuckles dragging along the ground”.
    I STILL do that 😛

  3. J.R.Barker

    Good luck! I’m always worrying about my posture too. I just can’t seem to break bad habits.

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s really hard. If I try walking more on my whole foot, I do that ducky waddle thing….so strange 🙂

      • J.R.Barker

        He he, well practice make perfect. I find I tend to slump more when I get tired, or when I’m sitting in front of a computer. It can be really hard to self correct.
        I’ll probably be a caveman in the next five years. Just call me Ug.

        • haha, we can both make knuckle trails 😀

          • J.R.Barker

            At least we’ll never got lost 🙂

            • Indeed 😀

  4. I took recreational ballet dancing some time ago. It gave me long muscle tone, and improved my stance. My teacher told me to stand tall and relax my shoulders. Then pretend a fist goes into my ribcage and lifts me up.

    When I stand like that I’m harder to knock over. Weird that. 🙂

    • Sounds good 🙂 Last time I did ballet I was about 7 hehe

  5. Hi Karen, as always is , another good post.

    • Thanks 🙂

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