The old old man and the tiny little baby

The old old man

Lies quietly on his lonely bed

His eyes are closed

The angels sing of his fear

That his time is near


The tiny little baby opens his eyes

He shivers from the coolness of night

Even though he is wrapped up warm

Does no one hear his crying?

Is he lying here, dying?


The old old man

Hears the cries of a babe

He sits up and stares blankly at his reflection

The angel he faces smiles and fades

Removing the fears his mind has made


The old old man opens the door

He looks down at the tiny little baby

Crying on the porch

Icy winds make him fumble

As he stoops to take up the bundle


The tiny little baby is carried carefully

Into the warmth of a loving home

Crystal clear blue eyes

Stare hopefully into the milky white

Now with a ray of light


The old old man

holds the tiny little baby

in a warm, safe embrace

two no longer deprived

two have survived

Copyright © 300113 by Karen Payze

Also published on Poets Corner

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