Dust Billows

As Horse and Cart

Storm along the sandy road

The Horse Whinnies

The cart’s wheels clink

The hay bales




In the back

Percival lazily opens one eye

He looks up into the

    Green foliage

            Sweeping past

Flickering sun catches

His emerald green eye

    He gives it a wink

He yawns


        Sits up

The breeze catches

    His ginger hair

It waves in time

To the wheat field

In the distance

Percival sniffs the air

The town is near

Its wondrous smells

Delight his senses




And ale

He licks his lips

His tummy rumbles

He moves

To the

Very edge

Of the


As the Green turns to




But Percival sees



        Friends and foes

        Life and laughter

The cart pulls to one side

Percival stands unsteadily

He crouches

            Ready to leap

The driver turns round

To check his cargo

“Hey”, he shouts,

                “Get off you mangy cat!”

Percival soars through the air

And lands on the sidewalk

Nine lives intact

            Time for an adventure

Copyright © 211112 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 211112 by Karen Payze

This poem is also published on Poet’s corner



  1. Cheered me up! (In bed with infection:( )
    I will read rhis to my littlle grandchildren 🙂

    Great poem, really enjoyed it.

    Christine xx

    • Thanks! Sorry you’re not well 😦 I hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Love the poem and the artwork! Great images, both.

    • Thanks 🙂 I did the cat on microsoft paint!

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