A pain in the back!

I am in agony!  Today I managed to put my back out.  How, I don’t know but I managed to do it in between walking home from my daughter’s school and sitting on the sofa when I got home because when I stood up to get a cup of tea, I got half way before realising that my knees were buckling under me .  So I am now shuffling around looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Igor depending on your own preference.  I tell you, it isn’t easy walking like that…

Before you tell me I am supposed to sit down or lie down and rest, not walk around, I have tried.  Actually I have done a remarkably good job of lying around.  AND it has given me a wonderful excuse to do some blogging 🙂  Unfortunately, there comes a point where one has to get up and, aside from the making of tea bit, I don’t really think I need to mention my reasons for having to get up!

My daughter, being a little older now and a little more helpful was more than willing to assist me in my hours of need.  She made me a cup of tea (milk microwaved with some tea leaves in it).  She was so pleased with her effort and it was hot so I drank it.  It tasted like warmed milk 🙂  Then she got her bath ready.  Well, I got called for that after about two minutes because the water was cold and I had to fix it.  But she tried and that’s the main thing – and she laid her clothes out very nicely!  What a star (takes after me, you know!)

My husband has, of course, been just as helpful collecting my daughter from school, going to get some groceries, buying supper, rubbing my back… 😀

So despite my still having to hobble around the place, I am glad to know I have a couple of willing helpers in my midst and I can only hope that as my daughter gets older the help will increase rather than decrease!

Now, where’s that cup of tea?

Copyright © 191112 by Karen Payze

Copyright © 191112 by Karen Payze



  1. Young girls running around making me hot milk? Sounds like my idea of heaven.

    Get well soon!

    • Cheeky! Thanks am feeling better already 😛

  2. Ouch! When I was younger and more eager to leap out of bed in the morning, I once threw my neck out by leaping while neglecting to point my head in the same direction. I was in serious pain for several days before I went to my dad’s old practitioner, who had a rock hard couch in her home and adjusted people’s backs for them. She pulled on my arms, legs, and head, and told me, “When the swelling goes down, it will pop back into place.” About 3 days later, I was lying on our sofa, watching PBS, turned my head a bit, and VOILA! She was right.

    • Oh my word! That sounds far worse than what I’ve done! I look like an old man at the moment hehe but hopefully will be better tomorrow otherwise off to the doctor for me 😦

  3. Good luck and hope it gets better soon! I hate when my neck goes out – horrible! When I was a young teen I fell out of the top bunk bed onto my face and messed up my neck/back. It used to be a lot worse, but every once in a while…

    • Oh my! that sounds bad…Thanks, it’s feeling better already 🙂

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