Stereotypical World

I was browsing my Facebook  page the other day when I stumbled upon a post of a YouTube video.  Of course I had to click on it.  It was brilliant.  The video is a boy who does a variety of accents in English.  I think he should really consider a career in voice-overs.  But it also made me think of how stereotypical we are.  (The boy also apologises for this in his video and no offense is intended).

As a South African I only really started noticing the stereotyping in the video when the accents changed from UK English to Indian, Italian, French and, indeed, South African.  Now as I have a sense of humour, the South African portrayal did not bother me in the least.  I actually found it really amusing.  It did make me realise, though, that this is the accent the rest of the world associates with South African’s which is actually more like a South African Afrikaner speaking English (I am very good at this accent myself – lots of practice as a child growing up in a predominantly Afrikaans town.  And kids are ruthless when impersonating the ‘opposition’) which is probably why each time I meet someone new I am asked if it is Australia or New Zealand that I originate from.  And the incredulous look they get when I tell them I am actually a South African is, well, priceless 🙂  I have even been asked on several occasions if I am certain of this (are they implying that I do not know my biological line?)  Yes, quite certain.  So I will post the link and when you hear the South African accent come up, please do not picture me speaking.  Thanks.

Oh, and if you are wondering why I am only posting the link and not embedding the video, it is because the boy is complaining about people doing just that.  And with all the crap at the moment about copyright infringement and every second person writing about how they are not writing others work (haha) I think it would be best not to cross-the-line on this one (not that I am against copyright.  On the contrary.  I would be furious if someone else copied my crap and put it on their site as their own crap – lazy bastards! And funnily enough some idiot actually did do that recently – but not to worry, I got him :D)

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.  And please, don’t get offended, don’t take it personally, just enjoy the absolute stereotypical-ness of it and, if your country or culture is featured on it – laugh 😀

PS: There is A LOT of swearing so not recommended for younger or hyper-sensitive viewers.  Thanks!

Here is the video: 24 Accents

Sorry I have caused some confusion by saying the boy doesn’t want his video embedded – he doesn’t want it re-uploaded on YouTube – which to my brain amounts to the same thing 😀 (You know: embed a video of his on your site or upload a video of his through your channel hehe).  I think I am allowed to embed the video but I am still not going to do it, no matter how much you beg me to 😉

Copyright  © 180912 by Karen Payze



  1. Great post! Haven’t listened yet, but plan to. I can’t imagine why anyone would object to having his/her video imbedded; all links lead to You Tube, right? I’m satisfied to have people look at mine, wherever they see them, and since the Tube provides the code there shouldn’t be any question of copyright infringement.

    • I know but I have become a bit of a ‘chicken’ about the whole thing now. I think the kid is telling people not to re-upload his video onto YouTube but I am taking no chances 🙂

      • Ah, yes, reuploading would be a problem! I was looking for the cat Maru’s videos yesterday and found a number of OTHER cats who were totally NOT Maru. I like all cat videos, but I really wanted to catch up with Maru and had to give it up for the time.

        • Haha fantastic! Actually I wonder what all the stars make of their video’s that have been ‘doctored’ and re-uploaded…hmmm

  2. The kid will never progress beyond his own reflection in the mirror. He could have made it private. Silly youth! All of my work except one piece is under Creative Commons with attribution to me anyone can use the original – how else can one get known in this great big world?

    Needless to say – I am not going to the link 😀 but thanks for your post just the same Karen!

    • Sorry I said the wrong thing there and will correct it. My mistake. I think he does not want anyone to re-upload his work on YouTube rather than not have them imbed it but I am still weary of the whole copyright thing and am hesitant to add anything to my posts these days for fear of infringing someone’s rights. I know what you mean about getting known though. It will become harder and harder for people to spread your work with the way things are going. I have copyrights on all my posts but people are welcome to use them provided they ask first and attribute the work to me 🙂 Please don’t let this stop you from looking at the link. It is very good (if you like that sort of thing – which I do) 🙂 And thanks for your comment!

  3. People are just people to me. It is better if I can understand what they say, but I don’t really care where they come from. 🙂

    • Indeed 🙂

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