When I was in school I went out with a boy who was into his meditation.  He seemed to believe that you can have out-of-body experiences through meditation.  Being a teenager, I thought he was talking a load of rubbish.  I never took meditation seriously and I certainly did not believe in out-of-body experiences (and still do not) 🙂 Nevertheless, he convinced me to try the meditation disk.  I remember it to this day.  It was one of those where you lie down flat (well most meditation is like that isn’t it) and some deep mysterious voice talks to you in a calming way, getting you to imagine the scene.  This one was walking down a passage, down some steep, dark stairs to a red door, opening the door and entering a lovely spring garden on the other side.  The main focus of the garden was a cherry blossom tree in full bloom.  Now what I don’t remember is the point of that particular meditation.  Maybe I was too nervous, considering I was with my boyfriend at the time, but whatever it was supposed to do for me, I don’t think it did.  And I broke up with the guy a couple of weeks later!

I never thought about meditation again until I started studying for my degree.  I did my degree correspondence.  It was hard work and when I was into my second year of studies, my husband (still boyfriend back then :)) was given a disk by a friend at work after telling him how difficult I was finding the correspondence workload.  So I started using The Memory disks.  It was probably the best thing I ever did!  My concentration levels shot through the roof and my marks followed suite.  This memory disk consisted of a number of concentration enhancing songs (classical music) and a relaxation technique which always helped me unwind after a session of studying (although I believe a glass of wine has the same effect 🙂 ).  The relaxation technique was (as it always appears to be) a deep, coaxing voice telling a story.  But this one really worked for me.  And it worked so well that I would fall asleep every single time!  Of course it only allowed for a thirty minute nap but so powerful was the nap that I would wake up feeling fully refreshed and invigorated and ready for another few hours of studying.  This disk was particularly useful toward the end of my studies when I was pregnant with my daughter and mushy baby brain tends to set in long before baby is actually born.  The disks were fantastic!

Once my studies were completed I put the disks away and basically forgot about them, until quite recently.  I have been having some difficulty in motivating myself lately.  I blame it on my bad allergies which drain the very life out of me.  I have been in desperate need of some inspiration.  A friend reminded me of the meditation disks when I was chatting to her about my total apathy of late.  When we moved to the UK I left the disks with my folks, along with a million other really useful (or not) things.  Now I still plan on asking them about the disks at some point but decided I need to fix my problem rather sooner than whenever the next time is that they are able to visit 😀

I found some disks by a person called Kelly Howell.  There are loads of her meditation guides on YouTube if you do a search.  I have only just started using them so cannot as say if they work but if they are anything like my old ones, I will be pleased to have them.  I am actually listening to one now as I type this called Creativity and I have managed to type this without pause so maybe its good for something 🙂  I also put on a sleep one for my daughter who sometimes struggles to relax before bed and she was asleep within minutes…maybe it’s just a coincidence but I really hope it isn’t and am certainly looking forward to using these some more!

Have you ever tried meditation for any reason?  Did it work?  What do you think of it? 

Let me know in the comments 🙂


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  1. Not tried it myself, but I’m sure it works for some people.

    I know someone who used this sort of thing to help them sleep, and they found it very helpful. I think the problem with using these CDs, is that they lose their effectiveness after a while… meaning you have to buy the next one!

    I find that exercise is very therapeutic.

    • Yes, it is possible that they only work for a time. I used my concentration one for about four years. All it was really was the sound of the sea possibly with a slight background music. This new one has two options – ambient soundscapes and wind. Personally I think the wind one sounds rather similar to the waves one 😀

      Oh and I find exercise to be a dirty word hahaha (well sometimes anyway :P)

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting my site. Interesting you found Kelly Howell disks. I think you will gain a lot of benefit from using them. Best wishes, Robert

    • And thanks to you as well. I really enjoy Kelly Howell, although you don’t need to get the disks, you can get most (if not all) of the meditation pieces on youtube 🙂

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