What Lies Underneath

Look at her

With her designer sunglasses

Covering half her face


Look at her

With her two hundred pound

A piece

Hair extensions


Look at her

With her muddied skin

Darkened from layer upon layer

Of self-tan and make-up


Look at her

In her



Coco Chanel


Look at her

Those stick-like arms

And legs


Look at her

And look again

Closer now

And closer still


Look at the blackened eyes

Behind those dark glasses

Filled to overflowing

From tears of grief


Look at that hair

As dull and lifeless

As she feels in her heart


Look through the clothes

To the silhouette beneath

Wispy and wan


Look again at her misery

A body that suffers

Under the scrutiny of unforgiving eyes

And the pressure to blend in

Is telling in her form


How her soul bleeds

And cries out

For a friend


Now do you see?

This poem is also published on poet’s corner

Copyright  © 020912 by Karen Payze


  1. fuonlyknew

    Beautiful. Cuts right to the heart of it!

    • Thanks 🙂

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