There is definitely something in the air.  And it smells like allergens!  I have really been suffering from allergies lately.  It’s no fun sneezing every five minutes and using up an entire roll of loo paper in one go – if you’re wondering, I blow my nose with loo paper.  Tissues go down too fast 🙂  Allergies are so life sapping.  On my really bad days, and I have had a few of those lately, I can barely muster the strength to get out of bed.  And when I do, it’s usually to waddle over to the sofa – how sad is that?

My biggest problem at the moment – my arch nemesis in fact, is a rather unspectacular shrub that grows long, woody stems with thick bunches of leaves from its base and on the ends of each branch are a few bunches of what can only be described as grape-looking.  On closer inspection, however, one will notice that these ‘grapes’ are actually a bunch of tiny purple flowers – like I said not the most eye-catching of plants.  What does catch ones eye, however, is the large quantities in which they are found in a particular area.  Personally I think it’s some kind of conspiracy.  They know how much I loathe them so they gather in large colonies around my house – and of course there is the single invader in my garden that I cannot get shot of!  I have, of course tried my level best to rid myself of this pest but its roots are deep. Instead I hack it down every so often.  I did that a few days ago.  My allergies to this plant are so severe that I break out in a rash if it touches me.  I persevered and chopped it all down.  Now its an ugly mangled mess of hacked off stems and battered leaves.  but at least the allergy inducing flowers are gone.  I have been wondering lately what kind of plant this is, that grows like a weed in  my neighbourhood.  My neighbour suggested it was some form of lavender – plausible as the way the flowers grew made it look like oversized lavender flowers and similar looking leaves, although much larger than the leaves of a lavender plant.  But I was a bit sceptical because lavender has a lovely smell.  This plant has quite a strong scent which reminded me of Jasmine so not exactly lavenderish.  Also, my daughter is always picking the lavender out front and giving it to me as little gifts.  I have never had an allergic reaction.  Anyway someone else suggested something else to me (I forget what it was now) but I didn’t think it was that.  So I used that wonderful tool called Google image search.  Yes, just type in purple flowered shrub.  And lo and behold, there it was.  Lilac.  Yes I am highly allergic to lilac!

Now I thought to myself after this latest allergy episode,why is it that scientists cannot come up with a cure for allergies.  Now I know there are many allergy varieties but I would say hayfever is a pretty common one.  I am in no way scientific so I couldn’t say what is involved in the process of making cures but I don’t think I am being unreasonable asking this question.  After all, they have made cures for some pretty serious diseases.  Now some of you might be shouting at your computers that they do have a cure for allergies, it’s called antihistamine.  Sorry but I have tried all types of antihistamine drugs from tablets that make me sleep all the next day to nasal sprays that make my nose bleed (yes – BLEED).  They are, at best, temporary plugs to my constant problem, but more often I find that they do JACK.  Besides I want my cure to be a one-off jab in the arm, a single big pink pill or some such thing.  Not a regime of medicine taking – one a day for the rest of your life… And no, I don’t want to go onto preventative medication either (already have enough of that thanks 🙂

So are there any scientists out there willing to take up my challenge?  I wonder…


Copyright  © 220812 by Karen Payze



  1. Have you tried any holistic (natureopathic) cures? Takes a weed to fight a weed. And the “old folks” usually knew their herbs. These might take awhile to build up an immunity, but I think that would be a viable alternative to over the counter stuff.

    • Ah yes, I did years ago. Well it was homeopathic made by a South African Company called Natura. You had to put however many drops on your tongue a day for however long it was. I tried it (I have had an allergic rhinitis for years) and persevered for however long it was. As soon as I stopped, the allergies came back 🙂 Now I have been told that I need to make a herbal tea infusion using locally made honey. I am planning on trying this, as soon as I find a place in the area that actual has some. It would seem that the honey pots have been rather lacking in honey lately 🙂 I have also been told chamomile tea is good. It does not stop or prevent allergies but apparently is pretty good at soothing. I will try this! And yes, can’t actually stand the thought of pumping my body with chemicals, yeuch!

      • The remedies you mention sound particularly efficacious, especiallly the honey which I believe is a nice immune system booster, and the chamomile tea, which I find tasty and soothing aside from any other benefits. I look forward to a followup on how this progresses over a few weeks. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the blooming plant season will pass. ; ) But the remedies can very well build up your resistence for next year.

        • Will definitely keep you posted 🙂 And thanks for the suggestions and support!

  2. Keep the faith. I’m sure the doctors are working on it.

    • Ah yes, in their secret labs 😀

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