How do they do it?

It’s school holidays here, which means I have to find ways of occupying my daughter.  I think this is probably easier for people who have more than one child as the kids occupy each other.  In my case, I become the other ‘child’.  So, far from having my own little holiday, I will probably finish these school holidays (six week’s worth – it’s a grueling haul) needing my own private little holiday 🙂  Okay, my husband has been home which has eased the burden somewhat but he returns to work on Monday so I will have to find A LOT of things for us to do.

To start off, I found a really lovely book called 365 rainy day activities, quite appropriate, I thought, although we have only had about two since the start of the holidays.  But I won’t let that put me off!  We have even started doing some of the wonderful activities contained in this little treasure-trove of ideas.  Yeah, that occupied her for a full hour or so.  Only several more to go and we will have managed to get through an entire holiday day.

In an ideal world, she would be playing with her little school friends every day.  Unfortunately this is not the ideal world and the logistics involved in organising a play date can be somewhat overwhelming which means that time spent with friends is usually limited to one or two days in a week.  Cruel world isn’t it 🙂

The best thing, I have found, is taking her to the park (or playground).  Nothing beats time spent at a park.  Mainly because time spent at a park is time that flies.  She usually starts off a bit tentatively, especially if other children are there but once she gets into the swing of things, there is no stopping her.  It certainly uses up a good few hours.

Of course there is now the fantastic Xbox kinect and two wonderful games called kinect adventures and kinect sports.  You really have to do a lot of moving, running and jumping around.  She only enjoys this for an hour at most, though.

Now with my husband at home, and occasionally on my own (when I am feeling brave), we will go somewhere further afield like a walk in the woodlands, around a farm, to the beach or some other full day activity.  Those days are good ones indeed!  But they are not EVERY day.

So those are some good time-consuming things for her to do.  Oh, and if all else fails, put on a good movie!

Now you would think that hours of crafting, playing at home, playing at the park, going to fun places, playing with friends, playing the Xbox and watching movies would really tire her out!  Ah contraire 🙂

She will finish the day as she begins it:  with a busload of energy!  Now I really have to wonder how on earth she does it!  I watched or read something once: a man decided to copy his baby’s movements for however long it was.  Needless to say after around five minutes, he was totally buggered!  And, of course, little baby was still moving around happily.  Now I am quite certain a seven year old is far more active than a baby.  Just watching her exhausts me, although I usually have to do more than just watch.  As I said previously, I become the other child.  So I help with the crafting (that means I do all the hard stuff), I follow her around the park (until she finds her wings), I have to look at everything she looks at, I have to poke everything she pokes, I have to walk with her, run with her, skip with her and jump with her.

At the end of the day, when I am at exhaustion point, I still have to be awake enough to watch the movie with her or listen to her stories or colour with her (you know, quiet time things.)  I really, really don’t know how she does it and I wish I had that much energy to tackle my own stuff (like writing) 🙂

The Playground

Walk up the path, slowly at first

then trot, skip, hop and jump

On this

off that

in and out

up and down

round and round and round and round

Up the ladder

and down the slide

in the car

on the horse

swing forward swing back

run and run and run and run

and off down the path


Yes, yet another poem.  I’m spouting them at the moment.  May as well use it while I’ve got it 😉 The poem can also be found on Poet’s Corner.

Hope you have happy, energy filled holidays 😀

Copyright  © 030812 by Karen Payze – and includes the poem!


  1. Yeah, all that stuff would drive me insane.

    “Just watch the bloody Olympics, child!”

    • Haha, I have tried that. She only watches for about five minutes 😉

  2. Listening to her stories, coloring, reading. I treasured those times with my mom, grandmother, and other relatives who were either living with us at the time or just visiting.

    • Absolutely! I love spending time with her, she is the light of my life. Still, holidays can be quite tiring 😀

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