The Road to Happiness – part one

Have you ever actually thought about the things that make you happy?  Yes, we all have our happy days and sad days but when we’re happy, what is it that makes us happy?  And is there really a ‘road to happiness’?

Well I have heard of a road to enlightenment, and here I am not talking about education alone but real enlightenment.  I think  the road to enlightenment would have a different type of cobble or stone or whatever material for each person.  For some, actually for most, enlightenment would never be achieved. But I do think the road to enlightenment is closely connected to the road of happiness.  I wouldn’t say that the achievement of enlightenment would automatically ensure happiness.  Indeed, enlightenment could have completely the opposite effect.  And, in a vice versa situation, achieving ultimate levels of happiness does not mean you have suddenly become enlightened (ever heard of blissful ignorance or ignorance is bliss?).  But the two roads can and do often become intertwined or crossover each other throughout life.

This post, thankfully, is not about the road to enlightenment (that topic is way to complicated for me).  This topic is about the road to happiness.

Am I happy?  Most of the time.  So what is it that makes me happy?  Well, complicated person that I am, waking up on the proverbial ‘right side of the bed’ is paramount to my daily levels of gaiety 🙂  If I wake up in a bad mood, my entire day will be ruined.  Now, why on earth would there ever be days in my life when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Usually it would be if my previous day has not gone too well (and yes I do have days that start out great and end up rotten too).  I have one of those wonderful minds that tend to replay things.  Whilst everyone else has long forgotten whatever it was that turned the day sour, my mind continues to work through every millisecond with a fine tooth comb, probably looking for clues as to why my day did not turn out to be filled with light and laughter.  This can continue like one of those chain, circle thingy’s.  And so a bad day turns into two, three, four bad days until eventually my brain cottons on that I there is actually nothing I can do to mend the problem and will file it away under ‘postponed until something worse comes up and then we will rehash that as well’.

Another thing that will put me in a bad mood from first light is the advent of a bad dream.  I usually get bad dreams from aforementioned previous bad days and from watching scary movies.  I don’t usually watch scary movies for that very reason but I find I have to watch the occasional scary movie because it is that good that I simply have to put my personal fears aside and watch it.  But if watching said scary movie should result in hours of running and hiding from baddies, it stands to reason that I will be less than pleased when I wake up in the morning.

And, of course, I have to add the whole being woken up (ie from an alarm clock) in the morning by anything other than the songbirds – only because I have written a previous post about it and would feel a little silly if I now forgot about that all-important point of happiness 🙂

Of course I don’t always wake up in a bad mood, sometimes I am thrust into it by some unforeseen circumstance that decides to irrevocably alter my previously pleasant day.

This circumstance can be slow in making its appearance, building up momentum so that the change pulls me down like a bog of dark, sticky, sucky quicksand from which any attempt at escape is futile and I can do naught but accept it.  That, however, does not mean I have to like it and the blackness of the quicksand pales in comparison to my mood.


It hits me so suddenly and with such a powerful force that my entire day will collapse into a steaming, putrid pile of poo!  (Those are the days that make you want to cry 🙂 )

Is it even possible to alter days like these, to still find happiness through the quagmire that is shitty days?

Copyright  © 090712 by Karen Payze


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