Wimbledon 2012

I decided that I had to do a post on Wimbledon.  There are two reasons for this: 1) because I live in England and everyone here loves the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament (including me – actually I enjoy all tennis tournaments, as long as Roger Federer is in them 🙂 ); and 2) Because it is topical and I want people to believe that I do actually follow the current trends!

First off, I would like to say that I am definitely a Roger Federer fan, and not because he is the best player (in my opinion) and not because he is super good-looking (again – my opinion) but because of his temperament.  No matter what, he always remains calm and collected, even when he had a serious back injury.  After treatment he returned to the court and continued playing, without grabbing his back, stopping and complaining, etc, etc.  He carried on and won (which I knew he would, of course).  Not only that but he also acknowledges the abilities of the other players.  Before he played Novak Djokovic, he said that either of them could win and whoever it was would be a deserving winner.  And again with Andy Murray.  Even though Murray isn’t anywhere near the level of Federer, Federer still praised Murray ahead of the final of this year’s Wimbledon.  Now compare this with the likes of Rafa (Rafael Nadal) and Andy Murray…

Rafa gets himself so worked up when he makes mistakes or starts losing that he actually adds to his predicament.  He digs the hole even deeper, until he reaches a point where he can no longer get out of it.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a brilliant player and, most of the time, I quite like him.  But just look at the way he reacted in this year’s Wimbledon when he started losing to Lukas Rosol.  Now I realise he was angry at himself for playing what was really an average game for him and losing to the likes of Rosol, who was playing the BEST game of his LIFE!  But his growing anger at himself led to little moments of ‘ugliness’ toward his opponent.  As a result, the crowd, who were already rooting for the underdog because everyone wants to see the 100-1 actually get it, grew more vocal in their support for Rosol.  And the more they supported him, the better he played.  As I said, Rafa can sometimes be the sole cause of his misfortune.  Now, had Federer played Rosol in that same game and found himself in the same predicament, would he have behaved any differently to Nadal?  Yes.  Because that is who he is.  He does not seem to need to win every single point in a match and if he loses a few games or even a set or two, he remains as calm and collected as ever, bides his time, waits for that opportunity to present itself – and inevitably it will – and then comes back all guns blazing to pull the rug from under the competition (Am I loaded with clichés today or what? 🙂 ).

Now, I have to mention Andy Murray here.  And I know I am probably going to get a backlash from this, but I really don’t know what all the fuss about him is.  To me he is so dour, so dull and so boring that the ONLY reason I actually watch him is in the hope he will get beaten by some unseeded player.  Unfortunately that has not happened in this competition.  Now, the problem I have with him has nothing to do with his tennis ability, really, because he does have talent.  Rather, it is his attitude.  For example, if he starts losing, he always has to find a part of his body to hold onto (you know – in case he needs to save face by retiring early as a result of his injury) including his: knee, elbow, right serving arm, right already-strapped-up ankle, stomach or ribs or any other part that can easily and obviously be grabbed in times of great ‘misfortune’ during his games. Ugh, someone needs to tell him to grow up, man up and accept that he cannot beat Roger Federer (and I hope I won’t have to eat my words on that one 😉 but really I have enormous confidence in Federer!).

Now you are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned a woman as my favourite tennis player.  And that is probably because I haven’t seen any lately that really stand out for me.  I like Maria Sharapova but she’s rather mediocre at times.  Her game can be up and down, not consistent at all.  I quite liked Sabine Lisicki but then she went out in the quarter finals.  Now, I really liked the style of Heather Watson (and she’s British!).  She went out in the third round and I think she has a long way to go before she reaches the point where she is able to beat the likes of Serena Williams.  But I think she will get there.  She has the potential to do it!

That brings me to that wonder woman I have just mentioned – Serena Williams.  I was actually discussing today what her ranking would be should the Tennis people put her in with the men.  Personally I think it will be right up there.  I do think she could easily kick Andy Murray’s butt (come on – look at her – she is a powerhouse!) and that would rank her as number 4 amongst the men!

Now, one thing I love about Wimbledon, are the strange antics that some of the players get up to.  Some days can be a laugh a minute.  I am thinking here of a particular tennis lady.  Now, for the sake of her dignity, I will not mention her name but she is from Italy and is a wonderful, vibrant, competitive Italian woman.  She really knows how to entertain with her strong forehand returns, good movement around the court and fantastic vocals.  You know that noise many tennis players have that comes out of their mouths when hitting the ball, especially when at full stretch or doing a lot of running around?  It’s different for everyone.  For some it’s a oof, for others it’s a real gggrrroooaaannn, for other still a high pitch shrieeeek.  But Francesca tops them all with that loud screech that emanates from the darkest depths of her bowels and erupts in a shower of letters that somehow come together to form two very clear words.  I did not actually notice the words hidden within that bundle of letters until my husband pointed them out to me.  From that moment on, I could hear nothing else.  What an entertaining game!  (or maybe it’s just me – mind in gutter 😉 )

If you are disappointed that I have not mentioned the doubles tennis, it is because I don’t particularly enjoy doubles.  To me it’s not really tennis (sorry to those who play doubles or watch it).  I like tennis that is one on one.  But we’re all different and we all have different tastes. So let me know in the comments below who your favourite tennis player is and whether you prefer singles or doubles, men’s or women’s tennis matches or do you enjoy it all!

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

For me, I hope to go to Wimbledon one day and see Roger Federer in the flesh, maybe even get an autograph(not that I’m really into that but I’ll make an exception for him haha)!


Copyright  ©  070712 by Karen Payze


  1. May all your Wimbledon dreams come true. 🙂

    • thanks 🙂

  2. Since I watch tennis rarely if at all, this was an enlightening post. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I wonder if I’d have been more engaged with this sport if I lived in England.

    • For myself, I have always been interested in tennis (well going back to the days of Andre Agassi anyway 😉 ) but I must say I have become a lot more interested of late because Wimbledon is here and the people here, even those not normally interested in the sport, suddenly become very excited about it and it is contagious so I think you’re right, if you were here, you would probably also be really into tennis, for now anyway 😉 Thanks for the comment :))

  3. I will NOT be missing the match, one Brit already a champion to-day 🙂

    • Good good 🙂

  4. Btw Karen, any chance of putting the new button under ” check out poets corner “

    • What button is that?

      • I thought i sent everyone an email about it 🙂
        There’s a blue button on site with a code below it, copy the code and then paste it into a text widget in you sidebar.

        • Ok, you may have sent it but on some days, I get more emails than I can handle and unfortunately some slip thru the cracks 😉 I certainly will add the button onto my side bar 🙂 have a good night, harry!

  5. I haven’t missed watching Wimbledon since 1973. Borg was my favorite, followed by Pete Sampras and then Roger Federer.

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