#29 Using something new for the first time and finding it works perfectly

If you’re wondering where #28 went to, I left it out.  Only because it was far too similar to #27 and I decided that I have actually spent more than enough time talking about how much I hate shopping to have to go through that (and put you through that) again 🙂

So, on to something new then.  Specifically, getting a new gadget.  I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who have a special power over gadgets – they tend to stop working when I am anywhere in the vicinity!

Some examples:

I worked at a school in South Africa that had a big,old, lumpy industrial size photocopier.  Everyone used it.  when I used it, it would eat the paper.  One day, I was in a hurry and quickly loaded my special coloured paper into the paper tray.  Well, lets just say I didn’t get to do that particular task on that day, or indeed any day following it.  I was no longer allowed to use the photocopier on my own.

You’re probably thinking that it has nothing to do with the machine, rather it has everything to do with my understanding of machines.  You would be wrong.  I am actually tech savvy, nay tech brilliant.  I’m quick to learn the ins and outs of new-fangled gadgets.  As I said, way back when (and I quote: ” I wouldn’t be able to live without my laptop anyway“), even though I love Victorian times, I need my technology.  So, you see, it isn’t me at fault, its my bad techno karma (that’s what I’m saying anyway and sticking to it :P).

On to the next example then.  That would be a biggie.  My car.  Not exactly a gadget but it does have a computer system control and guess what – that’s what’s faulty!  And you know what else, it only seems to go faulty when I drive it!  My husband can drive around all over the place and it doesn’t give him a single hassle but when I get in, from the moment I get in, it does a variety of stupid things!  Actually I don’t think it likes me very much.  Probably because I swear at it…A LOT.  See, it’s Karma.  I know I’m right 😉

Of course tech problems wouldn’t be complete without having computer problems.  I use my laptop all the time.  I love it because I am lazy and my laptop allows me to sit on the sofa, do my writing, check my emails, Google things, check Facebook and Twitter, and watch my favourite show.  All with my feet up, a cushion behind my back and a hot cuppa on the table next to me 🙂 (Yes, I am multitasking, as only women can do :P)  There are times, however when I could throw my ‘beloved‘ laptop out the window.  Actually tonight is one of those nights.  For some reason, every time I save this post (and previous bad experience dictates that I have to do that on a regular basis), the thing resets and I get that sinking feeling I have lost all my wonderful work.  But after a refresh, I have found that it has kept it (thank goodness – I can only write like this once a night.  If I had to redo this entire post, it would probably make no sense at all, if indeed it makes any sense now 🙂 )

Now you have first hand experience of my joys with anything that has a chip in it :).  Occasionally though, I will get a gadget that works perfectly.  I can take it out of the packaging, switch it on and it does exactly what it’s meant to do.  Happily this happened to me recently when I got my new phone, an HTC Wildfire Sense.  I took it out of the packaging, switched it on and – voila – it worked.  Everything worked.  Everything did what I told it to do.  The only (small) hassle I had with it was getting used to using the touchscreen keypad.  I ended up writing some rather strange messages.  However, I have to emphasise that it was not the fault of the phone.  It was my faulty fingers.  I am pleased to report that I am now quite used to it so no more embarrassing moments and no more red cheeks for me 😉

So, thank you HTC for improving (if only temporarily) my tech Karma 😉

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Copyright  ©  120612 by Karen Payze



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