#26 When I cook a meal and it tastes EXACTLY as I expected it would

Well this one is easy for me.  I don’t normally have mishaps with cooking but there are always those times when you cook something and are not certain how it’s going to turn out.

For me, there are two distinct occasions where I will have those good old self-doubt feelings.

1. when I cook something I have never cooked before.  Okay, so this is nothing unusual for anyone who cooks.  There will always be some apprehension about how a first time attempt at something will turn out.  Even professional chefs will have that (yes I watch a lot of cooking programmes.  No, I am in no way comparing myself to any professional chef 🙂 )  As you can tell, I lead an extraordinary life 🙂

I love Food Network

2. When I have people over for lunch or supper, usually family members.  Now I know I am being daft because what friends or family would actually think my cooking is rubbish?  And if they do, what kind of friends and family are they really?  And do they even deserve to come to my place to eat and make appraisals of my skills?  Nevertheless, I do get a bit anxious about people judging me on things I love to do.  (I know, I used And to start a sentence – I do it regularly.  Stop judging me 🙂 hahaha)

So, using the above mentioned points as reference, I have to say that when I do cook something new or am under-pressure, I glow all over when said dish comes out perfectly.  When it looks great on the plate and, even better, tastes heavenly :).

So often I will go for the safe bet when I have people over to eat dine with me (I try not to eat them!).  And the safe bet, for me is of course, chicken .  Roast chicken and roast potatoes and mixed veggies.  Big tick every time 😉  Or chicken wraps (quick and easy – should be my middle name but doesn’t quite sound right 🙂 )  Occasionally I delve into the quagmire (yes, I do big words too!) that is the cooking of PORK CHOPS.  I know what you’re thinking:  pork chops for guests?  Talk about taking a chance.  Because anyone who has EVER cooked pork chops knows how finicky they can be.  Cook them for that millisecond too long and they curl up at the edges, dry out and become a lump of chewy cardboard.  But I have a trick or two up my sleeve for this one.   First of all, don’t buy the normal pork chops (you know the ones), rather get pork loin chops.

Then, you can marinade it or season it.  I like to use Mrs Ball’s Chutney (it’s a South African one but any chutney that is fruity rather than tomatoey is also good).  DON’T fry it.  Put it under the grill, turning regularly and keeping a beady eye on it – you don’t want it to burn.  Make sure it’s cooked through.  Raw pork is not good!  The result:  Tender, tasty chops every time!  Try it, I’m telling you it will work 🙂  And serve with chips (what else can you serve pork chops with anyway? 😉 )

But the only way to really impress is to try something new.  Yes, you are taking a chance.  It may be a total flop (AKA Bridget Jones) but those days when it turns out just right and you see the joy on the food-filled faces of your loved ones as they experience culinary perfection, well, it’s totally worth it, isn’t it?

So take a chance.  Do something new.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  And if not, well, then you have learned something valuable to use (or not) next time round 🙂

Copyright  ©  090612 by Karen Payze


  1. I admit, I don’t try new things very often. BUT, every leap year on Feb 29th I make myself take the leap. It is so exciting. 🙂

  2. Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever done that! lol

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