#23 Finding something (like a new deodorant or moisturiser or makeup) in the local shop that ACTUALLY does what it says it CAN do

Okay, I’m not too sure how to tackle this one without writing something completely embarrassing about me 🙂 So I thought I’d go for some boring but at least non-embarrassing things.

First one, Hobbycraft Value Craft Super Strong Glue.

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Yes, this is the stick-your-fingers-together stuff and when I bought it the lady behind the counter asked me if I was over 21 as apparently you can only glue your fingers together if you’re under 21.  We had a good snigger about that one (I have glued my fingers together several times – why do they make the strong stuff see through anyway?) And yes, I do know that I look over 21 – she was just being polite!  Now this glue is fantastic stuff!  It has one of those little nail varnish brushes in it so you at least don’t have to squeeze it out and therefore have less chance of gluing anything together that shouldn’t be glued together.  It also dries really quickly which is fantastic if you’re as impatient as I am and don’t enjoy holding the foot onto the leg of the ornamental deer (which happens to belong to your child and you broke it and she is seriously displeased with you) for more than a few seconds.  It’s not so fantastic when you realise after said glue has dried that your finger does not want to release little deer’s leg 🙂

Next one would bePhiladelphia cheese.

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Now I know this one doesn’t actually do something.  It’s a cheese but Kraft have some fantastic ideas of how to use the cheese in a variety of recipes.  It is a very versatile cheese indeed!  I have used it to make sauces for pasta.  I have used it in chicken a la king.  I have even used it to make chocolate cheese frosting for my dark chocolate cupcakes!  And yes it was delicious 🙂

Now, of course I have to include moisturiser.  My delicate skin gets dry rather quickly and so I always have to keep it moisturised.  I can honestly say I am quite an expert on the whole moisturiser thing and have tried a variety of products over the years.  Some have worked fairly well and some have been rubbish with one or two even having the adverse effect of drying my skin out and yes, I have also had an allergic reaction or two (oh, the things us women do in the name of body beautiful 🙂 ).  I must say I have never tried Body Butter before, never liked the sound of it but I happened to be in a store the other day (won’t say which one because you will call me a cheap skate :D) and saw a row of round Body Butter tubs so I decided to give it a go.  The particular one I chose is called Salon Creative Conditioning Honey & Milk Body Butter (with a name like that it has to work, right?)

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Basically it’s a glorified mix of aqueous cream and petroleum jelly but smells good and, yes, it really does work.  My body is fully moisturised now 😀 and I smell like milk and honey, what’s better than that? haha!

The last product I’m going to mention and yes, could be quite embarrassing, is my new deodorant.  I won’t go into too much detail here but to say the deodorant, Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation 48 hr non-stop, does exactly what it says on the tin (see I really don’t need to go into embarrassing detail now do I?)

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

It’s brilliant!  The best deodorant I have EVER HAD!!!  The only disappointment I had with it is that I was so impressed with it I went and wrote a lovely letter congratulating the team.  I thought it would be a good idea seeing as we are so quick to moan and phone and write letters when a product falls short of our expectations that I figured it would lift their spirits to know that they have done something right and are appreciated.  What did they think of my email?  Well, I have no idea as no-one bothered to respond!  What a pity but I am not so pedantic that I will stop using the product.  I know a good thing when I find it and I’m definitely going to stick with it!

Have you come across any products that do what they say on the tin?  I would love to know which ones 🙂

Copyright  © 050612 by Karen Payze


  1. Awesome post. Check out nail polish. It does so much more that paint nails. tee hee hee

    • Indeed, I use it to stick clear nail varnish on the screws on my glasses to stop them coming undone 🙂

      Hope everything is going ok with you?

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Much better. Thanks 🙂

        • Glad to hear it 🙂

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