#22 Waking up without aching muscles after 3 days of walking around looking like an old man

And I only played the Xbox for 5 minutes!

You’re probably asking yourself why on earth I listed this a simple pleasure when it sounds more like pain!  Well the simple pleasure is not the playing of the Xbox although I have to say the child in me thoroughly enjoys playing Xbox – I just can’t do it for very long (that’s when you realise how seriously unfit you are – and I walk every day!).

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

The simple pleasure is the break from the aching muscles.  The first time I played on the Xbox, my entire body collapsed into a pile of jelly before hardening into great big lumps of lead.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to walk when your legs don’t want to work? Or your back doesn’t want to straighten out?  At least no one asked me what my problem was.  Instead they stared at me in silent wonder.  I did tell one or two people about my secret life of Xboxing and they nodded and agreed that a workout like that would leave anyone in pain but I think they were secretly thinking:

Good, that will teach you not to behave like a child when you’re clearly too old to do it.

Needless to say, I did not learn my lesson, and still do not know my age 😛 as I continue to use the thing.  On the positive side, I will say that my muscles do not ache as much and for as long as they did that first time!  I’m certain some of you are wondering why I didn’t just go for the Deep Heat and then get on with it.  I can’t use deep heat – allergic to it, crazy right?  Anyway I had something better – Voltaren gel and 2 Ibuprofen 😀

Nevertheless, that first time still left me with intermittent pain and a grumpy appearance! So I was very pleased when I woke up one morning and the pain was gone.  I stretched and stood up – straight.  I walked – and my knees could bend!

What a pleasure 🙂

Copyright  ©  040612 by Karen Payze




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