#21 Noticing that the seeds I planted ages ago have started to grow and are not duds after all

Copyright © by Karen Payze

I am not the best gardener in the world, mainly because I do not have the patience.  I find it very difficult to plant things and then wait ages for them to grow.  So you’re probably wondering why I buy seeds rather than get seedlings.  I ask myself that every time I have to wait and wait for my seeds to germinate but the reason I prefer seeds to seedlings is that feeling of accomplishment I get when they do finally start growing.  I think that anyone can go and buy a bunch of seedlings and stick them in the ground.  Where is the excitement, that wonderful feeling of anticipation, waiting to see what comes up and how well it will grow when it does?  You don’t get that from planting seedlings!

Now seeds to tend to be finicky things and oftentimes I will scatter them around only to have nothing come up, which can be very frustrating.  Apparently seeds have a shelf life (yes, I didn’t know that either) and if you leave it too long, they don’t germinate!  Well you live and learn right, so nowadays I make sure that I only buy seeds when I know I am actually going to plant them quite soon afterwards (I cannot do it the other way around as I might never be in the mood to plant them!).

I wouldn’t say I don’t have green fingers as the plants I have grown do very well.  But I’m just a part-time gardener.  I have to be in the mood to do gardening.  I cannot be out in the garden every day, partly because I get bored doing the same thing every day (I need some amount of variation in my life 🙂 ) and partly because I know I have some form of OCD ( or some such similar obsessive disorder) and when I start doing certain things, it’s rather difficult to tear myself away from them.  Gardening happens to be one of those things. (How I wish writing was – I would have completed a load of books by now – oh well, never mind).  So if I do start gardening, it will become a full day event, lasting until I can no longer see outside and, of course, I will not be able to move much the next day (stiff body and all that…).

I recently had one of those experiences.  My teeny tiny garden bed had been looking rather bleak throughout the Spring and so I finally decided that it was a good time to clean it up and do some new plants.  It’s a kind of rock bed (ie: it has a load of strategically placed rocks in it) but you couldn’t see them for the amount of tall grassy stuff growing in it.  Now, I am not even sure if the grassy stuff is grass.  I call it that because it kind of looks like overgrown clumps of grass with long things that grow out the middle and have a load of tiny seeds on the end (which drop off at the slightest touch and is a great source of irritation to my nose, eyes, throat, etc).  Can’t stand the things – yes I am a cruel gardener – and of course they had to be ripped out.  Sounds easy, right?  Wrong.  These horrendous, beastly, overgrown clumps of grass turned out to be hardy, tough deeply rooted b-s-t-d s 🙂  Not only do they have a fine mess of tap and fibrous roots combined into one but they are so cunning that the end of each root has a single bulb attached to it, a bulb that drops off quite easily the moment you tug it from its place.  Not only do you have to dig at least a mile into the earth (well it feels that way anyhow) but you then have to dig around the loose soil in search of the bulbs that were left behind.  I know I didn’t get them all but at least I got my revenge by hacking to bits the bulbs I accidentally stumbled upon :).  By the end of it, the only things left were the rocks and the central attraction, a rather woody Holly plant (which I did trim).

I am not exaggerating when I say it took me a full day AND a half to completely clear all the rubbish from that teeny-weeny bed – and to prove I am not exaggerating, I was left with FOUR FULL LARGE BLACK BAGS of green stuff (you work it out!)

But it’s done.  I scattered my seeds of lovely wildflower mix, the stuff that is supposed to attract both the ‘rare’ bees and the lovely songbirds (which, as you know I need to wake me up #14).  I then decided that I needed some herbs so I went to Sainsbury’s and bought some of those herb pots – rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley (I know you’re probably calling me a hypocrite now but genius that I am, I do not have the slightest clue how to grow herbs from seeds or where to even find said seeds so too bad 🙂 ).  I also planted some half-dead chives I had in a pot and forgot about (but they should be fine), some half-dead strawberries, also from a forgotten pot (and hold less hope of survival) and a chilli plant!  My garden, I think, is looking good.

A few weeks previously, I did my other, even teensier bed and planted some wildflower seeds, as well as a variety of seeds collected from the year before.  I am very proud to say they are now coming up in great masses of green and I know that bed, at least, will look fantastic once all the seedlings are fully grown.  And I now have great hope that my newly planted bed will also flourish! To top off a wonderful week of gardening (which is the total amount of time I have actually spent on my garden this year!), it rained last night and half of today so my thirsty new plants and very thirsty seeds are now quite satisfied and should thrive!

Copyright © by Karen Payze

By the time summer is in full

swing I will have a lovely garden of

bright colours, buzzing bees and

beautiful song birds!

And when they’re all fully grown and looking really beautiful, I will post some more pictures just to make you all jealous of my gardening prowess 😉

Copyright  © 030612 by Karen Payze


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