#19 Watching my favourite sporting hero / team actually WIN for a change!

As a South African, I have actually been raised on sports 🙂  As you should know, South Africa is a very proud sporting Nation and there was a time (like after apartheid ended and Mr Mandela came into power) where no one could beat us, at Rugby and cricket anyway!

Now I’ve never been much of  a cricket fan anyway.  I think that cricket is a sport that is more enjoyable for the cricketers than for the fans.  However, I do quite enjoy 20/20 cricket.  It’s fast and furious therefore far more enjoyable, the polar opposite of 5 day test cricket (yawning just thinking about it!)

Rugby is one of my favourite sports.  We used to be brilliant in international tournaments, winners of everything.  Nowadays, it seems like a miracle if we win anything!  Our local rugby teams are still amazing though.  I can never understand why they cannot make a decent National team out of the abundant local talent!   I am, of course, a Natal Sharks Rugby supporter.  We haven’t done brilliantly so far is the super rugby tournament but we are slowly picking up and it’s a really long season so there’s hope yet.  Anyway, you don’t want to be around me when I am watching rugby.  I’m a total maniac (the TV gets shouted at quite a lot 🙂 )!  I get really upset if my team loses and jump up and down and all around if they win!

One of my other favourite sports to watch is Formula 1.   Now I guess I should be a Hamilton or Button supporter 😛 , but I support Schumacher.  Always have, always will and am holding thumbs that this year will pick up for him.  Needless to say, I go ballistic if someone does something to destroy his race or if his car lets him down (so I really do have to watch F1 alone, seeing as that happens quite a lot 🙂 ). Of course when he does win again (which I am certain will be soon – he has placed P1 recently (forget the penalty :P) ), I will be doing a victory lap for him 😉

As you can see, I am a sport fanatic.  I’ve only mentioned a few of my favourites but there are many more like snooker, tennis, athletics, etc, etc!

Watching one of my favourite teams or person win sends me over the moon and is certainly of my life’s great pleasures!

Copyright  © 010612 by Karen Payze



  1. Cricket is crap but I don’t really mind rugby. I couldn’t sit down and watch a match for very long but I am quite interested when England play.

    F1 can piss off and so can Schumacher.

    Football ftw, Euro 2012 starts next week!

    • Football bleuch 😀

  2. The only way I know the difference between cricket and rugby is from watching 2 British comedy series on tv. All Creatures Great and Small, and As Time Goes By. LOL!

    • Hahaha, That’s very funny! 🙂

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