#18 Sketching something and thinking afterwards: wow that really does look good!

It is actually a rare occasion when I look at something I’ve sketched and think that it’s right or looks good.  The reason is that I am super critical of anything I do.  So no matter how good something usually is, how good it looks, I normally find fault with it.

But there are those  occasions where I do create something and then find I am pleasantly surprised by the results.  If I sketch or paint or create, whatever it is, I have to scrutinise it –  go over each and every detail to ensure that there is nothing that needs to be changed.  In this regard, I can say that my sketch of the painting is one of them (ref my favourite sketches) and the one of my husband sleeping (ref artwork) is another.

I am currently busy with the front cover for my new book (that I am far from finished with ref: my pen is lethargic).  I sketched it and then part painted it.  You see, I have an exact image in my head of what it is supposed to look like.

Copyright © by Karen Payze

This is what it currently looks like (of course without the do not use block – that’s just so no one uses it!) but I am going to do the rest of the hand outline in black (the finger nails and palm lines) and there is a semi-transparent yellowish liquid that will be running through the fingers.  Initially I was satisfied with the sketch and I still am.  However, I have decided I do not like the pencil and am going to opt for charcoal in place of it.  So I am now fairly satisfied with it even though it’s far from finished. But I do think it is really good and hopefully will be great when it’s done!

If you enjoy art as a hobby or professionally, I am sure you will have at least one sketch or drawing or whatever it is you do where you think


once it is complete.  It’s a great feeling to look upon something like that and know that you are the one who has done that!

Copyright  ©  300512 by Karen Payze



  1. That’s pretty nifty actually.

    I am truly horrendous at drawing, painting, anything like that and it really, really annoys me when people who are actually quite talented in that area say that they aren’t very good.

    So stop it.

    • 😛 That’s my reply haha

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