#16 When my daughter gives me a hug out of the blue

Copyrighted to Karen Payze

Ah, how lovely it is to get hugs!

Now, I’m not talking about the type of hugs that you sometimes get from strangers.  That’s a bit weird.  Whenever I watch those shows like Come Dine With Me and everyone greets everyone else with hugs and kisses, I actually find myself getting those involuntary shivers (you know the ones, like when you touch something slimy – same feeling).  I cannot bring myself to hug a perfect stranger.  In fact, I am not really that big on hugging friends either and even distant family members.  Have you ever had one of those occasions, where you go to a relatives home and all their relatives (not remotely related to you) are there and they all greet you as if you’re their bosom buddy with a kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze Yuck!

Maybe that sounds a bit cruel to some of you and I appreciate that everyone is different.  Just so you know, if you do ever see me in the street, don’t throw your arms around me as I might employ some tactical defence manoeuvres 🙂

Now, my immediately family and hugs, well that’s different, that’s something special.  Especially hugging my mum and dad, who I only get to see once a year (if I am lucky) so I do try to hug them as much as possible which, I suppose, can get a bit embarrassing for them to have a grown woman slobbering all over them in the middle of town but I don’t really care haha (Double standards you might say but I must reiterate that this is my parents – entirely different to my Aunty’s second cousin’s cousin twice removed and related through marriage hehe).

Which is why I particularly love hugs from my daughter.  She is without a doubt the most precious person in my life and she loves cuddles but on her terms.  If I go up to her and cuddle her out of the blue, she may respond with a hug and a kiss or she may respond with an EEEWW MUMMY!  But then there are those occasions where, out of no where,  she will give me a great big hug.  What a wonderful feeling, to have those little arms wrapped around my neck and the little round cheek pressed tightly against my own and sometimes I will even get the little whisper “I love you mama”  xxxxxx  Those little showers of love  – well nothing can top it!

So if you have a loved one who you haven’t hugged or cuddled in a while, do it.  It will make their day and it will put a smile on your heart 🙂

Copyright  ©  280512 by Karen Payze


  1. It’s great when the kids show they love you. Won’t last till puberty so we better enjoy them now

    • Haha exactly! Enjoy the moments while there still are moments 🙂 thanks for the comment!

  2. You’ve opened up a topic that made me think “ah…a cultural phenomenon: today’s hugs tend to be Thumbs up or Likes, most to “strangers” on the net.” Or a Happy Face. : )
    The world indeed has changed from what I remember of Sunday visits to relatives, or church suppers “on the ground” (Since those usually happened outside in the old days, it took me some growing up before I realized those are “on the grounds” meaning the site of the church).

    • Very true 🙂 haha I don’t actually mind those kind of hugs 😀 Thanks for your comment!

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