#15 When you can sleep in

Sleeping in…hmm I love it! 

Have you noticed that a lot of my simple pleasures involve sleeping?  What does that say about me (I love sleeping of course :D).  But there is nothing better than sleeping in.  I must admit that when my daughter was small ( and on the days or holidays when I wasn’t working), I got into the rather bad habit of napping in the afternoon.  It actually suited me quite well as my daughter would also nap in the afternoon so she would sleep well at night.  The drawback to that was that she would wake up fairly early in the mornings so no sleeping in.

Of course as she got older, she stopped with the afternoon naps even though I felt like I needed them even more ha ha! But then I did have the luxury of the occasional lie-in.  When she started school, sleeping in became a pooh word 🙂 because sleeping in meant being late for school.  Although I have since discovered that it actually doesn’t matter what time I wake up, things will happen in the morning that still make us late (or nearly late) for school anyway!

So I live for the school half-term breaks and holidays.  Yes, of course I am thrilled to have my child at home with me all day every day (for the first week of holidays anyway) but there is an even better reason for loving holidays.  I get to sleep in.  No early morning rush.  No getting up in a bad mood.  Just me and the birds (ref #14) oh, and my cup of tea 😀

I can lie in bed relaxing for as long as I want to (okay, that’s not entirely true because I can only lie in bed for as long as my daughter allows), drink my cup of tea, maybe even go back to sleep and resume that wonderful dream of the night before 🙂  The longer I can sleep for, the happier I am when I do wake up!

Because my sleeping in days are few and far between now, I really do cherish them.  The holidays can never come quickly enough but always finish far too soon!  At least I can say that, for now, I get to sleep in for all my daughters’ holidays and if that particular trend should continue for the foreseeable future, I can look forward to sleeping in for all the holidays for at least the next ten years. That’s about thirteen weeks a year, so for ten years is 130 weeks and that’s 910 days of sleeping in!  Actually, now that I have worked that out, it really doesn’t sound like a lot 😦

Never mind, any amount of sleeping in time is wonderful! So I am still happy 🙂

Well, if you never have the opportunity to sleep in, I really hope you get that opportunity one day.  And, if you don’t like to sleep in, then you are missing out on some wonderful bits of ‘me’ time so do yourselves a favour and make a day, even if it’s just once in a while, to sleep in!

Happy days!

Copyright  © 270512 by Karen Payze


  1. A long time ago, I was asked on some questionnaire to list things I hate. I don’t hate much, but the two items I DO hate are wire coat hangers (remember those?) and alarm clocks. I’m fortunate that much of my life has been alarm clock free, and if I get my usual 8 or 9 hours of sleep for each 24, then I wake up happy. This post really resonated with me!

    • I don’t particularly like wire coat hangers either – then again the plastic ones aren’t much of an improvement haha! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. preety92

    Sleeping? hmm, even I love sleeping! 😀

    • One of my favourite past times! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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