#13 When new ideas come easily

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New ideas? 

What are those haha!  Well I do actually feel like that sometimes.  I go through these slumps where I really cannot come up with anything new or exciting.  It really can be quite frustrating (ref: My pen is lethargic).

I do all the exercises and follow all the suggestions only to become increasingly frustrated and angry at myself.  I am one of those people whose brain does not properly understand the concept of

“I can’t do it”

So I have to keep trying.  Any writer knows that when you have a blank period (I hate the term writer’s block) and nothing new decides to excite you with its presence (even your imaginary muse has decided to up sticks to a more fulfilling place 😦 ), it can become quite exhausting.  That grey matter can be rather cruel sometimes because your wonderful mind just wants to rest and relax but that writing dial has been set firmly to on and is forcing you to carry on trying.  What can you do about that?  Not much really, unless you’re one of those people who are good at meditating (I’m rubbish, can’t sit still for long enough) or have a zen garden (I wish).

I think the only way really to get your brain back into gear and to let the ideas start flowing again is to forget about it.  And, as I said previously, that is near impossible but it really is the only way.  Trying to force an idea through only leads to frustration and the eventual idea will become so despised by you (regardless of whether it is a good one or not) that in the end  you will discard it anyway.   So what’s the point of forcing it? 😀

Go for long walks, meet friends for coffee and a chat, play with your children, cuddle your better half, phone your family, get a pet, have an adventure – do anything and everything you can to occupy yourself.  You will soon forget that painful blank period in your writing life and your new experiences will bring new ideas.

And there is nothing quite so lovely as a new idea that comes easily to you.  Although I have to say that most ideas we think have suddenly come to us really are the result of a long labour of love by our subconscious in getting us into the mood for new ideas.  So we really need to applaud our wonderful, complex minds for getting us out of slumps and we don’t even realise it.  All we say is (Yes, you know the word 🙂 )


And there you have it.  that marvelous new idea that came to you so easily


Have a wonderful, inspirational day!

Copyright © 250512 by Karen Payze


  1. Happy Friday!!! You, my friend, have been officially nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award (by me!) Go here and check out your lovely award: http://jodiambroseblog.com/2012/05/25/677/

    • Thank you very much 🙂 And have an awesome weekend 😀

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