#11 A “Well done” for the hard work you put into something

Similar to post #10, it is always nice if someone says well done for something that you have achieved, particularly if you are unsure of yourself.

Well Done!

For me a well done is that confirmation that you have achieved whatever it is you set out to do.  I know it sounds ridiculous and I am certain that many of you are probably wondering why I need some sort of affirmation of my own work but I do.  It all goes back to that confidence thing (ref – Confidence or bust)

So, I was especially pleased when my husband, folks and friends said well done on my book and Blog 🙂  That was a BIG moment for me.  It’s not easy doing something so close to your heart and then sharing it with others.  It’s kind of like putting your heart out there, ready to be broken.  You have to wait and hold your breath, hoping that everyone else can appreciate that you have put so much effort into something, that it’s all-important to you.

And there’s not much else to say about it except that if you have done something that you feel you have put your all into then all that is left to say is:

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