#9 Turning on the telly and realising a program that you wanted to watch but forgot about, has just started

How many times have you seen the ad or trailer for some program or movie on TV and thought

Oooh, I really want to watch that

only to get distracted by whatever is on at the time and totally forgetting about it.  I know I have done that on many occasions.  It’s really quite annoying, not if I’ve forgotten about it because then I don’t remember to be annoyed 😀 but if I remember a couple of days later and realise said program or movie has come and gone.  It’s scream-worthy, isn’t it?

But then there are those few instances when you turn on the TV on a particular day, flick through the channels as there’s nothing interesting on and all of a sudden there it is:

the must-see program or movie!

It’s a real good feeling to know that you’re actually going to get to see that program you wanted to see and the evening’s TV viewing isn’t going to be a total waste (although in some cases the anticipated program really doesn’t live up to the hype!).

Even better than turning on to a channel you wanted to watch but forgot about is flicking over to a channel to discover that the program is one of your favourite serials, and it would have been an absolute disaster to miss one single show but life sometimes gets in the way of even the best serials and you happened to forget just that one time.  For me such a serial is the Vampire Diaries and yes I have missed it on occasion (SHOCK, HORROR,  I know).  Unfortunately for me I have never been lucky enough to turn onto the show as it’s starting but I have been lucky enough to remember to switch over in time for the plus channel (bow down to the god of plus 🙂 ) but if there ever were a serial where I would want to turn over just as it started even though I forgot about it, that would be the show!

Never mind, I have been lucky enough to switch over to a show I have been meaning to see – only to forget – and then remember – when I notice it’s the same one on so yes, I can say that it is one of my simple pleasures because such a discovery does indeed bring with it a certain amount of satisfaction!

Happy telly time everyone!

Copyright  ©  200512 by Karen Payze



  1. I used to do that all the time with the X Files back in the day. If you so much as missed the first minute, you could be left completely baffled for the rest of the episode.

    • yes, that’s the same as CSI. You have to watch it from the beginning or you’re lpst 🙂

  2. Vampire Diaries….Grimm….both are on a channel we often can’t get at all. ALMOST enough to go cable, but then all we’d ever get done is watch tv.

    • it’s on one of our normal channels here in the UK so I’m very lucky 🙂 don’t really watch tv too much, no time but I do have my must-watch shows 🙂 thanks for the comment!

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