#8 A good book, one you cannot put down

There’s nothing quite like settling down with a good book, coffee or tea steaming on the side table next to the plate of assorted yummy biscuits.  The room is quiet.  No one else is at home.  It’s just you and your book.
I love a good book.  I must say that I generally don’t read a lot when I am going through a good story writing period because I am always worried that I may inadvertently use something from the book I am reading in my own story.  So at those times, I will avoid reading any books.

But when I am going through a quiet period, I may need some inspiration and it’s not necessarily to get me writing again.  I could use it  to stimulate my own creativity in arts or baking or some other type activity that requires creativity.  I know it probably sounds a bit strange but for me, doing something creative can lead on to other inspirational things, kind of like a ripple effect.  As an example, I can have a particularly productive day sketching where I look at something I have created and actual think

Wow I really like that!

I will go on to write a couple of chapters for a novel or complete a short story, again with the thought of how brilliantly well I have done.  I will complete my day by producing some smashing cupcakes (or anything like that) that are the best – tasting, yummiest, most delicious ones that any family member has ever had!  And so I have a wonderful, inspired day!

If you have ever watched Bridget Jones’ Diary you will certainly remember the part where she interviews the couple regarding the Aghani-Heaney case.  Everyone is so proud of her as the next big thing in journalism that she decides she is a skilled chef as well and attempts to create a master dinner for her friends (we all know how that really turned out).  The point is not that she actually couldn’t cook but that her creativity, her sense of self, was so well-stimulated as a result of the day’s events that she was absolutely certain she could do it.  That’s the joy of doing things have arisen from our inner spark, those things make us feel good about ourselves.

You may be wondering what any of the above has to do with reading a good book.  Well, it can have the same effect as doing something creative.  To me, a good book will make me want to go out there and do something wonderful with my life.  I will feel energised and enthusiastic, whether or not the book is happy or sad or scary or whatever.  It’s not the story that does it but the way the story is written.

A good book will absorb me into it and hold me there until my soul trembles with absolute delight and when I finally put it down ( and I’ll tell you, I am quite capable of reading a large book in one go, if it is that good), I will breathe in deeply as if I had not been breathing the entire time I was reading.  It’s kind of like waking up refreshed from long, wonderful, engaging dream.  I can put the book down and run a marathon (not really but that’s how it makes me feel).

I have read many good books in my life but only very few that have held me captive for the entire duration of the story.  I look forward to the next novel that can give me that kind of unrelenting pleasure and I sincerely hope that each and every one of you have been able to find that very special story that has transported you into your perfect dream world!

Copyright  ©  190512 by Karen Payze


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