#6 Warm and snug under the blankets

Take this one anyway you want 🙂  There’s no denying that this is an enjoyable pastime, whether you are with someone or not.

In my case, I love sleeping in, if I can.  In the mornings, it’s a case of

Just five more minutes, then I’ll get up!

I pull the blanket up to just under my nose (only because I can’t stand the feeling of not being ab;e to breath properly so my nose have to be out 🙂 ), tuck it in all around me, which I must say is no easy feat, and lie there, mummified in my warm, soft cocoon.  I close my eyes and allow myself to enter my lovely dream world.  Ahh, pure bliss!

I also like to have a cup of tea in bed (as you already know, I do love a cuppa, anytime any place!).  I sit, not straight up but at some weird angle, so that my head is in an upright position but the rest of me is still snug as a bug and I slowly sip my tea, resting it on my chest just under my chin.  Now this doesn’t always work out too well, especially if I have only just woken up.  Tea stains are such a pain to get out!

Just as good as reposing in bed in the morning is getting under the warm blankets at night.  I am one of those people who naturally have cold hands and feet, all the time.  I am so used to this phenomenon (or medical condition, I’m not certain which it is) that I don’t really notice it anymore.  Others, however are very aware of it.  In particular my husband who, for some reason, does not appreciate cold feet sneaking up on him whilst he is trying to sleep.  It’s not like I do it on purpose.  I think my feet have a mind of their own.  They know that they are cold and need to get warm 🙂  Actually my entire body is quite good at absorbing the heat from surrounding objects or people so I get warm and toasty quite fast.  As soon as I am warm, I drift off to my dreamy heaven 🙂

Now I don’t have to be in bed to be cosy under a blanket.  On particularly cold winter days, I sit on the sofa with a soft, fuzzy blanket wrapped around me.  It’s great for relaxing and watching telly or using the computer, not so great if you need to go to the loo.  More often than not I end up with the silly thing still wrapped around my ankles as I try to make my way to the bathroom.  It is quite difficult to hop in that situation but  I have no other choice as the pee button has been switched on in my brain and I can no longer think logically( ie: sit down and untangle myself first).

Finally, there is nothing better than to make yourself snug under the blankets when you are feeling rubbish.  I know some people cannot stand being stuck in bed when they are poorly (generally children) but I love it.

A warm cosy bed, hot drink and good book can help a person feel better in no time! 

Also, being sick gives one the perfect excuse for spending the entire day sleeping and sleeping is one of my favourite hobbies – even though these days I am finding I have a LOT less time to pursue this particular hobby.

So the next time you’re feeling the chill, snuggle down (with or without someone) and get yourself warm and cosy!  You won’t regret it, I promise 🙂

Copyright  ©  170512 by Karen Payze



  1. Man alive, I love sleeping. I quite often develop narcolepsy when on public transport.

    Your dedication to sleep is quite impressive. You manage to cram tea in there as well, it’s the ultimate in multi tasking.

    • sleeping is the best 😉 BTW sorry I took so long to reply, was having a nap 😀

  2. I came back to this one from the link on your #12, and wanted to add, I’m the same way. Nine hours every night would be my ideal, and by 9 pm I’m getting sleepy no matter what is on tv. In winter, sometimes it’s 8, but I blame the time change for that. LOL!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one – 9 hours at a minimum – would be nice but sadly hardly ever achievable for me!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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