#5 A warm cup of tea on a cold day

Ok, so it’s really hard to write about warming yourself up on a cold day when it looked so lovely outside today!  I decided to go outside, in order to get myself in the mood for writing this post.

It’s not very cold outside BUT I managed to find a shadowy corner and I stood there for some time.  Now I am cold, back inside and the kettle is on 🙂

I don’t really know why I went to all that trouble as I can actually drink a cup of anytime of the year, even during the hottest summer day ever recorded here in the UK.  Maybe that’s the South African in me (not really a lot of cold days in good old Africa 🙂 ) I actually drink a lot of tea.  Probably because I am not the water-drinking type.  Can’t stand anything that tastes like nothing! 😉

When it’s cold, however, it is great to be able to drink a cup of tea.  There is nothing like a warm cuppa when you have been outside on what feels like the coldest winter day in the world.  You know those days:

Your brain freezes and you cannot remember how you even managed to get home, your fingers are so stiff you can barely get the key in to unlock the door and when you finally get inside, you look in the mirror and realise there’s a drip under your nose that has frozen in place – and it was so cold you never even noticed it and have probably been walking around town like that for at least the last hour.  (Okay that last one has never happened to me but you get the general idea!)

You walk inside and peel off the forty or so layers of clothing you’ve been wearing as quickly as possible because the central heating has kicked in and if you don’t get said layers off in a hurry you’re likely to faint.  You put the kettle on and wait for the distinctive click (or whistle – depending on whether you’re modern or retro) then pour yourself a steaming hot cuppa.

You kick off your shoes and relax with your hot cup of tea; with or without cream or milk, with or without sugar.  Mine is milk, no sugar as I am certainly sweet enough (especially with all those chocolates lining my arteries ref: strawberry centred chocolates)!  You use the cup to warm your frozen hands by holding on tightly to it while staring blankly at the wall and trying to kick-start your brain.  You take a sip, too soon, and burn your lip but its worth it for that feeling of fire that fills your body as the hot liquid journeys down your throat and into your tummy.

By the time you have finished that first-of-many cups of tea, your brain is ticking, your fingers are tingling and your cheeks are glowing that healthy pink you always see on babies.

And all is well in the world once more 🙂

Thanks to http://www.photos-public-domain.com for the image 🙂

Copyright  ©  160512 by Karen Payze


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