#1 Raindrops running down the window

It is a miserable rainy day.  I am too cold to move.  I sit and stare out of the window, crinkling my nose in disgust at the dull greyness of the great outdoors.  This kind of weather makes me want to do only one thing: sleep. 


The wind direction shifts and the rain starts slamming into the window.  My eyes focus on one little droplet, in amongst the rest, struggling for its own place on the universal window. It shivers and shakes.  It’s so tiny compared to its large companions.  I worry that it is going to get lost.  Then I wonder what its ultimate destination will be.  Will it stay there, caged in, frightened and lonely until the sun emerges to sweep it back into the atmosphere or will it have the courage to move forward in its journey and become nourishment for some thirsty plant or tiny insect?

While I contemplate the possibilities of where this tiny fleck of liquid will make its mark, I observe a movement, ever so small, hardly noticeable at all.  The raindrop definitely moved.  I am certain of it.  I stare hard at the drop but, as with all watched things, there is no further action.

As I have nothing more important to do (I am certain that the longer I leave the cleaning, the more likely it is that the house will get fed up and clean itself!), I continue to stare at the droplet.  Then it happens again: the droplet stirs.  I fear it may be too nervous to make this journey.  The rain has stopped now, the sun is peeking through the clouds, time is running out.  I will it on


I can’t bear the tension.  Then this tiny droplet appears to have a brilliant idea.  It stretches out, ever so slightly, and grabs hold of the much larger rain drop next to it.

Gravity takes over and the pair start to move:

A casual stroll

Then faster

A gentle jog

They pick up some more friends

And faster

A racy run

More friends join the fun

Even faster now

A snappy sprint to the finish

And they all slip of the ledge and crash down to the earth below.  They will appease the needs of some plant or tiny animal after all!

Yes, the life of a raindrop on the window can be a fascinating thing.  It is a simple pleasure that can occupy a good few hours on a colourless, boring day 🙂

Copyright  © 120512 by Karen Payze


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