Simple pleasures

This is my challenge: 

List 31 simple pleasures and write about one every day.  We all have those little things we enjoy, indulge in, sometimes are so used to that we hardly notice them giving us pleasure, we expect it from them.  So what are my 31 pleasures?   Figuring this out is harder than I initially anticipated.  I have to say this has taken a lot of thought and a good few hours of deep meditation 🙂

  1. Raindrops running down the window.
  2. The smell of a wood burning fire.
  3. The strawberry centred chocolate (Strawberry Delight) in the box of Quality Street.
  4. A long, hot bubble bath.
  5. A warm cup of tea on a cold day.
  6. Warm and snug under the blankets.
  7. Watching my daughter enjoy the simple things in life. Why do her simple things seem so much more exciting than mine?!
  8. A good book, one you cannot put down.
  9. Turning on the telly and realising a program that you wanted to watch but forgot about, has just started.
  10. A “thank you” for the hard work you put into something.
  11. A “well done” for the hard work you put into something.
  12. A good night’s sleep ;).
  13. When new ideas come easily (This is A LOT harder than I thought).
  14. When a song bird wakes you up in the morning instead of an alarm.
  15. When you can sleep in.
  16. When my daughter gives me a hug out of the blue.
  17. Sitting down to a lovely meal I have not had to cook.
  18. Sketching  something and thinking afterwards: wow that really does look good!
  19. Watching my favourite sporting hero / team actually WIN for a change!
  20. Looking at the clouds outside and getting excited when the sun gradually peeks through them.
  21. Noticing that the seeds I planted ages ago have started to grow and are not duds after all.
  22. Waking up without aching muscles after 3 days of walking around looking like an old man – and I only played the Xbox for 5 minutes!
  23. Finding something (like a new deodorant or moisturiser or makeup) in the local shop that ACTUALLY does what it says it CAN do!
  24. When I get to the car and think I have left something behind only to realise that I do have said item in my pocket and don’t have to go running back inside to search everywhere for it.
  25. Not being late for something (anything) which is actually rather hard for me ha ha! (and so is doing this list).
  26. When I cook a meal and it tastes EXACTLY as I expected it would.
  27. Going to the shopping centre and finding a parking space right near the entrance.
  28. And on the same lines as 27 above, standing in what at first appears to be the longest queue at the checkout only to discover it is the quickest.
  29. Using something new (be it a computer software package, an electronic gadget or anything else new) for the first time and finding it works perfectly, no fiddling required!
  30. Finding a seat on a long train journey.
  31. Finishing something you started (LIKE THIS LIST) and being pleased with the end results.

Phew that really was rather hard.  It took me the entire week to achieve this list (which is why I have been so quiet 🙂 ).  Now I have to write about each item on my list.  One for each day for the next 31 days!

Look out for the first installment starting from tomorrow 🙂

Copyright  © 110512 by Karen Payze



  1. Thank you for linking me to the Wikipedia article for the device known as ‘Xbox’. I was completely confused about item number 22 until I read the entire article.

    I can’t sketch for toffee so never bother. During art classes at school I would go outside and shout at the trees instead.

    • How did I link you? I didn’t even know I did that haha! I never did art at school. Did Biology but don’t remember shouting at any trees 😀

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean you linked to me personally or anything – I was just being a sarcastic pleb again.

        • Oh it’s too late at night for me to catch your wonderful wit 😛 It went right over my head 🙂 hehe

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