Wake up, Brain!

What is wrong with my brain today? 

It’s full of – nothing.  There’s nothing worse than trying to think of something to say and nothing comes to mind, literally.  That’s a lot of nothing‘s but there’s nothing else I can actually think of to replace them with!

I blame the weather, really.  Something about rainy days that make me stare out of the window in blank contemplation (an oxymoron, I know.  I’m really good at those).  Every time a thought enters my brain, my neck, of its own freewill, turns toward the window, and no matter how hard I try to change my position, it remains that way until I have a veritable creak. When I am finally able to wrench my eyeballs of the misted up glass, whatever thought that had been there, trying desperately to hold on, has been washed away by the mind numbing wet outside.  And yes, it actually has taken me thirty minutes just to write this paragraph.

What is it with the rain?  The only thing I can currently think of doing is snuggling up in my warm, cosy bed.  And not even to read a book.  Rather to lie there, blankly staring at the ceiling, with random unimportant thoughts running through my head like my daily news ticker.  I guess it doesn’t help that I have the electric heater on and my toes are roasting nicely against it. ( I know I actually shouldn’t.  After all, it’s not winter and it’s not really that cold.)  What is the connection between warm feet and being lackadaisical?  I don’t know but there is definitely something in that.

And just to prove that my brain really is in sleep mode, I just wrote definitely as denitielt.  That’s not even a word(as far as I know).  Added to that, I was watching the snooker on BBC 2 and it did not even register that the program had changed to that antiques show.  I carried on staring at it for a full five minutes before my hand remotely changed the channel to the red button – my brain had no apparent awareness of doing this as somehow I still thought I was watching the original channel.

It kind of reminds me of something an advertising company did years ago.  I won’t mention the name of the popular fizzy drinks company that was involved in the campaign.  In short, some ad exec genius figured out a way to get people to buy more of their clients’ most popular fizzy drink by placing ads at strategic points in a cinema reel.  The genius of these ads was that each one was only one frame long.  In terms of a reel, that would be a blink of the eye.  Too fast for the brains’ conscious cognitive abilities but, subconsciously, the ads were absorbed into the minds of the unsuspecting patrons.  The result: when the film finished, everyone was exceedingly thirsty and went straight off to buy their favourite fizzy drink (the one advertised) and so subliminal advertising was born.  Of course, it’s not allowed these days but who actually checks on these things?  Who’s to know that it wasn’t subliminal advertising that made us eat that particular burger from that specific takeaway when we don’t usually eat takeaways and actually don’t even like the burgers from that place?  But we did recently watch a film that seemed to have a lot of scenes with that very takeaway as the backdrop.  Subliminal advertising, no? Hmm..

The point I was actually making there, (in some weird roundabout way) was that earlier on my brain must have been working subliminally.  It made me change the channel without me even realising (for a while at least) so as not to disturb my yenMakes one wonder how often the brain actually does this.  The whole time we are thinking of other things (or indeed nothing at all), our brains are performing subliminal acts that keep us on the right track and, indeed, sane.  And an hour later, somehow, my empty brain has managed to put this post together.

Thank you, Brain.  Remind me to write an ode to you tomorrow.  Right now I have to go and do something important.  If only I could remember what is was…

Copyright  © 230412 by Karen Payze – including the rain picture



  1. The rain was annoying today especially. It was too warm for me wear my coat yet too wet to stay only in a t-shirt.

    I ran home naked instead.

    • Ha ha, where’s the pics 😉

  2. Ha ha. Great post!

    It makes me think of back in high school when I drove to and from school so much that I had the route subconsciously memorized. I had countless days where I wouldn’t be able to remember my drive, but I got home safely. On each of those days, I was always deeply thinking about something else. You know, like the meaning of the universe and such. 🙂

    Also, the fact that they were mainly back-roads without much traffic probably influenced that a lot, too. Here in South Florida is a totally different story. If you stop paying attention for five seconds, you’ll probably hit somebody or get hit yourself. I miss suburbia sometimes.

    • Yes, I know what you mean about the road thing. I do that all the time 🙂

  3. chrispink

    Karen this was a great post! I knew you can write though, so I am not in the least surprised. I’m sorry I haven’t read more…but I am going to, I assure you, in payback for all your visits to my blog 🙂 Fascinating reading about the subliminal messages. Did you know that last year, I think, it was made legal for companies to advertise in films at the cinema? I’m not sure of the technicalities, but I’m pretty sure it’s done all the time in a clever, toned-down way.

    The one-farme thing reminds me of Fight Club. I’m glad it’s illegal; if I am going to be influenced I would prefer to know it (which is a silly comment in itself, really. Supermarket aisles are designed with the most popular things on the right hand side, as most peoppe are right-handed).

    Scary…great post 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely compliment, at least one of us knows I can write haha 🙂 I’m pretty certain that all companies are still involved in subliminal advertising in one way or another. Take James Bond, for instance, in the ones with Pierce Brosnan, the cars were all Audi’s (I thinkor some such popular make-I’m too lazy to research it hehe) and just about every street scene had Avis Car Rental in the background. As for shops, I know what you mean. Did you know that the cheap items are always on the highest shelf, out of reach? I know because I’m a cheapskate and short 😀 But I am left – handed, so at least I have that on my side 😛
      Thanks for visiting, don’t be a stranger now 😉
      – Karen

  4. I believe that although subliminal advertising has been banned it still goes on, I mean how can you really tell unless you happen to be fast and observant ….! And as for the rain, well it’s chucking it down here in Dorset and I all I feel like doing is sleeping …. 😉

    • Ah yes, still raining here too and I must go have a walk in it in a couple of hours…Happy days! (ha ha)
      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      – Karen

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