Do you have a Google Tic?

According to the urban dictionary (which is an online dictionary loaded with words that ordinary people have made up), a Google tic is:

The uncontrollable urge to conduct a Google search on any and every question, thought, concept, word or name that comes to mind, including new acquaintances, products and companies.

Eg: You haven’t Googled him, but you went out with him?! I could never get in someone’s car without Googling their name, but then again, I have a Google tic.

I enjoy reading entries in the Urban dictionary.  It reminds me that there are Googol’s ( of people out there who are extremely creative, witty and intelligent.  And many more who are extremely bored.  My first stop in the urban dictionary world is at word of the day.  A short while ago I was poring over the latest, craziest, most original words that people could possible conjure into reality and happened to stumble across the wonderful creativeness of one TNNelsen.  When I read about the Google tic, I realised forthwith that I had indeed, unwittingly, contracted this particular strain of the internetisis (

I Google EVERYTHING.  If I see it, read about it, hear about  it or indeed, meet it, I must Google it.  Sad, I know.  So I wondered to myself how many other people have the Google tic.  Whilst contemplating the enormity of this potential pandemic, my thoughts leaked into other, darker places.  And slowly, I realised that if I Google other people and other people Google other people and everyone is Googling everyone else…someone somewhere must be Googling me.

Of course my life is wholly uninteresting.  Therefore, anyone who does Google me will probably end up being completely and utterly boredified ( Anyway,  I had to do a search for myself and I quickly discovered that I am indeed googlible (  This is what I found:

I am a professional who has written and published a book on Amazon.  I love reading books and have virtual shelves of them on shelfari and goodreads.  I am 30-34 years old and live in West Sussex.  I have a Twitter account and a Facebook account.  I am hooked up with Facebook causes and I really like Enrique Iglesias and Wilbur Smith.  And, it would appear, that I actually do have some friends.

There are a few other things about me on Google search (all boring stuff – YAWN). Oh, and BTW I am NOT the other Karen Payze, the weightlifting one – Although I am quite capable of carrying a 22kg child on one hip (don’t judge perfect mummies:  everyone carries their child at some point in life) and four shopping bags of approximately 4kg’s each in my free hand (and, I should add, rather elongated arm) and most likely COULD surpass the weight carrying capacity of the other one I am far too lazy to do it!

So, am I concerned that I am googlible?  No, indeed I am not.  The available information on myself is roots level at best so why would anyone bother?  Of course, if someone really wanted to do a search of me, said googler ( could simply look up my Amazon profile and read about me (LOL).  Or, even better, hang out at my blog and slowly gain insight into my exciting, complicated life!

Veni vidi vici – as if 🙂

Copyright  ©  300312 by Karen Payze



  1. I do the same actually. And then I instantly forget what it is I just found out.

    Bonkers, eh?

    Quick tip;

    You can change that “Just another WordPress…” bit at the top by going Dashboard > Settings > General > Tagline.

    • Thanks for the tip, I have been trying to figure that one out. Will defo take it off!

  2. This is a great website!!! I like your blog very much and I’ll subscripe to it if you post more articles like this! Do you like EK Voetbal 2012 or do you wanna know the EK Speelschema take a look on my profile!

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